Book Review: The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

8685612Title: The Iron Queen (Iron Fey #3)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Genre: Fantasy, Faeries, Young Adult, Iron Fey
Publisher: HarlequinTEEN
Rating: 5 stars
Review copy purchased through Book Depository.

My name is Meghan Chase.

I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron fey that will drag me back, kicking and screaming. Drag me away from the banished prince who’s sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I’m not sure anyone can survive it.

This time, there will be no turning back.

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At the beginning of The Iron Queen, we find Meghan and the love of her life, Prince Ash, both exiled from the Nevernever for following their hearts and falling in love with each other. Unfortunately for Meghan and Ash, their trials are not yet over, as the Iron Fey attack them even while on earth. Oberon and Mab – King of Summer and Queen of Winter, former enemies, and now forced allies, see no other choice but to pardon their wayward children and to request for them to save the Nevernever one more time. When Ash and Meghan agree, they do not realise that the perils that await them in the land of the Iron fey will be even greater than they have anticipated, and the disaster they will encounter will be something even they might not overcome. With the army of the Iron fey marching towards the territories of Summer and Winter, and the fate of the entire Nevernever on the line, Meghan must find a strength within herself she hardly knew she had.

As of now, I’m officially not Team Ash or Team Puck anymore. I’m Team Meghan ftw! The way that girl has grown from a regular, somewhat shy and insecure teenage girl into the single most courageous, determined, intelligent and honest creature walking the Nevernever, is simply amazing. Gone is the love-struck half-faery we see at the beginning of The Iron Daughter, long forgotten is the girl who had no money to buy decent clothes and was the laughing stock of high school. Meet Meghan Chase – daughter of King Oberon, Princess to the Nevernever, and the most dangerous opponent the Iron Fey could possibly face. She is willful, strong, independent, but without ever losing her charming personality, and all the reasons why she’s still human and only a teenage girl. She literally and figuratively kicks ass in this novel, and it was a pleasure to witness.

But Ash, my poor little Ash, what the heck happened to you? You just went from being one of the most interesting, charming, distant and icey Princes of the Faerie Realm and then you turned into a…love-struck teenager? I don’t know exactly why – I mean, I do support Meghan/Ash – but the latter just can’t play the role of Meghan’s boyfriend and still be an interesting character with a dark edge. Gone, dark edge. And that leaves him rather one-dimensional, flat, and not all that interesting. With the dissapearance of the love triangle, and Meghan’s firm choice for Ash, there was a huge romance plot missing in this novel. Ash and Meghan were interesting…until they started dating. Now I’m wondering whether or not they’ll watch a movie together sometime, snuggling in front of a TV screen and perhaps worrying about daily chores or homework. WRONG. That’s not what I want to think about when I imagine a Summer Princess and a Winter Prince! And yet, somehow I did…it’s like Meghan/Ash lost all their magic once they actually got together.

Once again, Julie Kagawa’s world-building is exquisite, her characterization brilliant, her writing style excellent. The Iron Queen pulled me in from page one, and left me breathless till I turned the last page and read the ending. Spellbinding, fascinating, amazing, and the best ending to one of the most magnificent, original and well-written young adult fantasy series currently available. Here I was, thinking it couldn’t get any better, and then it did.


  1. Great review!!! This series has an amazing story. Meghan and Ash seems very interesting characters. I don’t know how I had not find this series before.

  2. I have heard that this is the best book in the series. If you are not a fan of Ash in love, do you think that the next book, The Iron Knight which will be told from Ash’s perspective, will be dissapointing?

    • I hope not! But I fear that it might. On the one hand, I would like to get a look at what’s going on inside Ash’s head. Since all the books are from Meghan’s POV, Ash and Puck’s emotions are sort of “guessing as we go along”. I’d like to get in Ash’s head, just to know what he’s actually thinking and feeling for once. On the other hand, I fear that this might reduce his mysteriousness to zero, and that I might not like him anymore.
      But nevertheless, I’m looking forward to The Iron Knight. I love Julie’s writing style, and I cannot wait to read more about the adventures of Ash, Puck and Meghan.

  3. Great review! The cover on this book is beautiful!
    I’m glad you got to liking Meghan more in this book than in the second. Character growth FTW! (+1)

  4. if the books weren’t already on my wishlist they would be there now thanks to the last part of your review – that sounds sooo interesting and fascinating I can’t wait to start reading 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

  5. I think this cover is my favorite ones in the series, I love the color!
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts a lot! Thanks for this great review 🙂

  6. I agree, Meghan was so awesome in this book! I was really ready to give up on her in disgust after her sheer stupidity in The Iron Daughter, but she was so kick ass in The Iron Queen!

  7. I just love the character development in this one. Great review!

  8. Yeah! I really want to read them now!

  9. Life Beam says

    Another great review! I think the characters are often what makes the book. I can’t wait to read about the adventures of Meghan, Ash and Puck.

  10. Veronika Briseno (Ronyka7) says

    Like the review the haracter are interesting. can wait to read the books.

  11. I think the ending was one whopper of a climax! Loved the last line esp. 🙂 Welcome back, Grimalkin! Twiddling my thumbs for the Iron Knight now, hoping it won’t pull a Midnight Sun on us.


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