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Question: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a book?


What a fun question! I must admit that aside from nagging for my Mom to drive me to the midnight release of one of the Harry Potter books (now the craziness is over, I can’t even recall which one), which was a three hour drive, I haven’t done a lot of absolutely crazy things for books yet. My Mom is a saint really, for putting up with me even as I got it in my mind that I needed to go to the release of Harry Potter in the dead of night. I remember staying up the whole night to read the book as well. Great times!

So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a book! Please leave your website address below so I can follow you back! 🙂


  1. I started reading Harry Potter late so I missed all the fun midnight releases. I did see some of the movies at midnight!
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  2. 3 hours. That’s not that bad. I probably would of done that myself. =D
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  3. It was the seventh Harry for me. 🙂
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  4. Kristy Berridge says

    Just following you back. I have no idea what RSS thingy is yet, so I followed you via networked blogs and I think I subscribed. It’s all part of being a techtard. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Friday.

    • Don’t worry, I only figured out RSS like…today! I set it up this morning, and I hope it works. I’ve never really understood how RSS works before. 😛

  5. it had to be fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m a new follower.

  6. I love your blog!
    The release of HP7 was a historical event! I remembered the day I got my copy, it was hidden underneath my pillows and I don’t even know! LOL.
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  7. Jessica@a GREAT read says

    Harry Potter related things seem to be popular! I would wake up early the day before and hang out at the bookstore before they opened to get a line ticket. Luckily since it was summer, the heat didn’t come out that early!
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  8. Wow I can’t believe your mum drove you 3 hours for Harry Potter your mum sounds brilliant.
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  9. It is a lil crazy, but I’d done it myself if the occasion arrives. ^^
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  10. I also have a Harry Potter story 🙂
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  11. I see a lot of “crazy” stories involve Harry Potter, including mine. It nice to see so many Potterheads lol. Thanks for stopping by, I am following back through email.

  12. Harry Potter was awesome though- your mom probably bought herself a copy when you weren’t looking. My Dad went for me so that it was a surprise in the morning. I remember that on that day, I did nothing but read. I don’t even remember eating, I was that absorbed and desperate to finish.

  13. Thanks for visiting me. Followed back. That was awesome of your mom to help you. 😀 They’re the best.

  14. Hi, what an awesome mum you have! Thanks for stopping by, i’m following you back. Have a great weekend.

  15. Your mom is pretty nice for doing that! I don’t think my mom would do it for me. xD
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  16. Those midnight release parties did look like fun! I didn’t put it on my blog, but the last book the craziest thing I’ve done once i’ve HAD a book was to read it non stop for 24 hours. I messed up my sleep schedule for like a week LOL It was SO worth it though! 😀
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  17. Just subscribed to your newsletter 🙂

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