Book Review: No Exit by Julie Harris

13395040Title: No Exit
Author: Julie Harris
Genre: Paranormal, Thriller, Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: January 5th, 2012
Rating: 4,5 stars
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Sometimes glimpsing the future can be deadly.
US Navy SEAL Kelly Nolan, who commands a small special ops unit, is assigned duty to protect a Presidential candidate during a visit to England. So what has a woman from half the world away seen that makes them seek her out?
Rebecca Miller is an especially gifted psychic. Two years ago she ‘read’ a US Senator’s wife and although Elizabeth Glover’s fears about her husband’s death were real, Rebecca reassured her that measures would be taken to avoid it. She ‘saw’ two of the people protecting him – a Native American and an old flying buddy. And now, ex fighter pilot and Senator John Glover is a viable Presidential candidate, working hard to get the votes, while Rebecca Miller is invited to speak at a paranormal symposium in London.
At Heathrow, she’s not met by the event organizer, but by two men in military uniforms. One of them, Kelly, a Native American, is vaguely familiar. Has she seen him before? Is this handsome guy really talking to me? she wonders. Yes, he is and she’s now in protective custody… She knows this is about that Senator destined to be President. She has no choice but to go with them.
At the airfield, Rebecca refuses to get into the chopper that awaits because she knows she will die if she goes near it. He might be psychic himself, and he might even like her, but Kelly Nolan’s patience is wearing very thin. Then comes a shot from the woods and Rebecca Miller is dead at his feet.
Rebecca, from the other side of life, is given a choice; she may stay, or return to finish what she started.
After Rebecca wakes on a morgue slab and scares the pants off a medic, Kelly gets the call that she’s alive. Even disbelievers call it a miracle, and those who want John Glover dead return to their drawing boards.
Whatever lies in store for the psychic and the SEAL, life will never be the same again for anyone involved, and many lives change. Some for the better.

No Exit focuses on the story of Rebecca Miller, who happens to be one of the most gifted psychics this world has ever seen. Not only can she occassionally read minds, she also predicts future events, sees glimpses of people’s past and has a connection with an Angel guide named Emmanuel. She can heal the injured, wounded and even the dying. In one instance, she even manages to return from death herself. But naturally, all these gifts come with a very high price. Her own father is afraid of her and has been ignoring her for years. Everyone she meets is interested in what she can do – not in who she really is. She has never gotten any further than a first date with anyone – and she’s already thirty years old. People are lining up to talk to her, but the only true friend she has is her assistant, Annie.

All of that changes, initially for the worst, when she is stopped at the airport in England by a bunch of Nighthawks, a special elite group of soldiers. Two years prior, Rebecca gave a reading to Elizabeth Glover, wife of senator Glover who is now running for president. In that meeting she warned Elizabeth about a possible attack on John Glover’s life. Now, it seems as if her offered advice comes back to kick her in the back. The special Nighthawke forces want to know what’s going on, when the senator’s life will be in danger and how they can stop it. To do that, Rebecca will have to tell them all she can.

Unfortunately, on the way to the helicopter, Rebecca gets shot. Straight through her heart. She dies on the spot. Miraculously enough, she comes back to live an hour and a half later, after consulting with her celestial guide and claiming she still has some work to finish on earth. From that point on, Rebecca lives in the Nighthawk center, undergoes experiments to test how far her psychic powers work, and falls in love with commanding officer Kelly Nolan. They’ve met each other one before, fifteen years ago to be exact, and ever since Kelly has been unable to put that strikingly beautiful and charming girl out of his mind. But now she’s back, as if by some sort of miracle, and he feels drawn to her more than ever.

As Rebecca and Kelly’s relationship unfolds, so do the events around them. Somebody is trying to kill senator Glover. But why? Are the motives primarily political, or do they need to search elsewhere? Is everyone to be trusted, or is possible that there’s a betrayar in the place they least expected – their own base camp?

No Exit is a very fluently written paranormal thriller with intriguing characters and an entertaining storyline. My favorite character was Rebecca. She shows us another side to being a gifted paranormal psychic – the loneliness, the feeling of being used only for your powers, and not for who you really are. While spending time with the soldiers, she discovers things she least expected to find here. Friendship. A sense of being just another regular human being. Maybe even love. Her character development, from a young woman who has build up walls around herself the height of the Chinese Wall, to someone who has more love, compassion and friendship than initially expected. She starts by trusting no one, and eventually goes to trust the people around her. The other main character, Kelly Nolan, is an intriguing person as well. He’s a man defined by his own history and the mistakes he made in the past. Whereas Kelly teaches Rebecca that she deserves to be loved, and that she can trust other people, Rebecca teaches Kelly how to believe in love again, and how to forgive himself for what happened years ago.

If you’re a fan of paranormal thrillers, or just a good romance story, No Exit is definitely worth looking at. The story is very suspenseful, the characters are entertaining and there are some twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat. I finished this book in one setting and would definitely recommend it to all fans of this genre.


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