Book Review: Forever Woman by January Bain and Giveaway

16001838Title: Forever Woman
Author: January Bain
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Champagne Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
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What if you had an incurable disease? Maybe you too would think
that becoming a vampire was your only choice. What wannabe vampire Winter Kennedy didn’t count on was falling in love with a
human after making contact with an ancient vampire of the Pharaoh Clan.The vampire, Christopher St. John, won’t accept that
she has changed her mind and whisks her away to his Alaskan mountain top home. Will her true love, Aiden Hightower, be able
to rescue her from her final fate?

Winter Kennedy is looking for a cure to an incurable disease. After her Mom died from ALS and she’s diagnosed with the same illness, she does extensive research that brings her to Nome, Alaska. She wants to find eternal life, and a way to escape death, and hopes to accomplish this through a mythical disc she uses to contact a vampire. The vampires gives her three weeks to decide her fate – become a vampire and live forever, free of illness, or live another year and die a human. While Winter’s choice was clear initially, while spending time in the small town she falls in love with Aiden, a gorgeous-looking man who has enough qualities to be her soulmate. While Winter and Aiden plan their wedding, she gets another visit from the vampire who she contacted initially. When she says she no longer wants his help, he laughs at her – like she ever had a choice to begin with. He plans on making her his newest bride, no matter what it takes.

I wasn’t very fond of Winter. If I’m being perfectly honest, I thought she had little redeeming qualities. I understood her fear for dying like her Mom did, but that was about it. Her choices were often emotional, and she hardly ever thought things through. At times, her emotions seemed all over the place. And of course, I’d be a bit off as well if I was recenlty turned into a vampire without my consent, but I prefer heroines who take matters in their own hands, as opposed to letting others decide their fate. Winter just let everything happen to her. If there was ever a struggle, I didn’t see a lot of it. At first, she wanted to push Aiden away because of what she was planning, but she succumbed to his love in two or three dates. When Christopher St. John wanted to turn her into a vampire, she didn’t try to escape, she didn’t even fight back. Instead, she was too busy chatting with the other vampires. I didn’t like how everything seemed so easy for her. Oh, I’m a vampire, and I’ll never see my beloved again. Give me a week to adjust to my new life – I will hardly think about my beloved, because I now have a research lab.

I did like the other characters. Aiden’s love for Winter sounded very genuine, right from the start. He seemed like a nice, friendly bloke. I didn’t understand his attraction to Winter apart from her physical beauty, but hey, something for everyone. I also really, really liked Christopher St. John, the vampire who wants to turn Winter into a vampire as well. The epitome of a mysterious bad boy character, he surely got the mystery thing going. He seemed very alpha male, something I liked as well. You can’t live four thousand years without developing a bit of those qualities. What I missed however, was more of a bond between him and Winter. They had a few scenes, but there could’ve been more. All right, I’m a bit of a fangirl, I suppose.

The story itself was great. From Winter running away from her past, to the unique Vampire Lore used in this book, it simply rocked. I enjoyed it from start to finish, and read it in a few hours. I wish the main character had been stronger, more developed, but you can’t have it all. Story wise, Forever Woman is definitely worth reading. It has some outstanding original concepts, some intriguing characters (Arc and Dragon, for instance, and Christopher and Anastasia), and the writing was fluent and didn’t go overly into detail.

A nice paranormal romance read for those rainy October days. Recommended to paranormal romance fans.


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