Starter Day Party Rescued

We’re hosting the starter day party for Rescued today. Rescued is a historical romance novel by author Arlene Lam.

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About Rescued

15741281Title: Rescued
Author: Arlene Lam
Genre: Historical Romance / Historical Interracial

The fire that burned when they were together was consuming.

Her whole life Amelia was told what to do obediently following the rules her domineering aunt set forth. Right down to letting the woman choose the man she was to marry. However this was about to change because from the moment she laid eyes on Jordan Bradford the shy young maid was lost. But loving a man like him was beyond dangerous for more than the obvious reasons. However Amelia found herself throwing caution to the wind and willing to risk everything for just one kiss.

Intriguing and honest Jordan was drawn to Amelia instantly. Shy and witty Jordan knows that deep down there is a woman just waiting to be set free if only those around her would let her. Still he knew pursuing her was not an option. And even if it was she was already promised to another man. Yet every time she was near that knowledge was lost to him. Wasn’t forbidden fruit always sweeter? It was an added luxury that whenever he was in her presence his past seemed just that, the past. Just one look and a flame long though extinguished was awakened in him. So much so that Amelia was a woman Jordan decided needed to be rescued.

Author Bio

Arlene always finds it sort of hard and funny to try to define herself, but when if she thought on it she would probably say that first she is a wife and mother, and second she is a writer. A native of Northern California she resides in the Bay Area just minutes from beautiful San Francisco. Here you will be likely find me either with my family or with my face buried in a book. Since I was a child I can recall having a passion for reading. As a little child I was the only girl on my street who had a mini library in her room. I use to love it when my mother would take me to get a new book. The excitement was sometimes overwhelming. What author should I pick, what genre? Mom was always so sweet and would let me pick more than one. She loved that I shared her passion for reading, but I wasn’t the only one my older sisters were growing large the collections of literature as well in their respective rooms themselves. I credit my mother for planting the seed that I could do anything, and when I started writing she encouraged me to pursue my dream and assured me she would be proud of me no matter what. Even so it took me a while to finally believe in myself enough to give it a go. I published my first short story Flowers of the Bayou in July of 2012. It is a series of prequels that will lead into three major novels I plan to release. The first being Rescued, due for release July 27th 2012. I’m more than excited about it and also very proud.


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