Book Review: Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

15980706Title: Blue Violet
Author: Abigail Owen
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 3 stars

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

When Ellie Aubrey leaves her only remaining family and moves to Colorado, she knows she’s risking her life. But she can’t ignore the possibility of what she might find there. What she didn’t expect to encounter was a bewildering connection to one smolderingly sexy Alex Jenner. But when Ellie’s worst nightmare comes true and threatens to destroy everything she holds dear, she must fight to save those she loves most. Even if it means sacrificing herself by revealing a terrible truth… sometimes not all monsters are make believe.

Exceptionally imaginative and magically romantic, Blue Violet delivers equal parts fantasy, romance, and suspense.

Ellie and her twin brother Griffin aren’t typical teenagers. They may look like they are, but in fact they’ve been around for over a hundred years. They’re part of the Svatura, a supernatural race who live a prolonged life. But most of the Svatura, at least the tribe Ellie and Griffin belonged to, have been murdered a long time ago by their natural enemies, the Vyusher. The Svatura normally live in tribes, because each other’s presence enhances their powers. Unfortunately the Vyusher have made that impossible since the more Svatura are together, the easier the Vyusher can track them down.

Ellie and Griffin have spent their entire life hiding from the Vyusher, even since they saw their tribe slaughtered by their enemies. But now they have a chance to unite with other Svatura, a chance Ellie is more than willing to take. Griffin on the other hand is wary of the danger, but he’s not about to leave his sister alone on this dangerous quest.

While befriending the new Svatura, Ellie learns a lesson or two about love, friendship and the meaning of family.

I liked Blue Violet mostly because it was different, for a change. It’s YA paranormal romance, but unlike any I’ve read before. The Svatura and their powers were an original concept, and Ellie, who has the power to absorb other’s powers and use them herself, is quite a cool character. She’s resourceful and intelligent, although at times I thought she acted a bit too much like a real teenage girl, especially since she was already over a century old. I also thought the romance could’ve been a bit better. The characters fell in love easily, no real obstacles, and no real attraction. It didn’t take time to build up the romance: it was just there. Right away. I wish there had been more of a build up, rather than love at first sight.

The writing was all right, but sometimes the novel jumped from one scene to the other quite fast, without properly wrapping the previous scene up. That was a bit annoying, and hard to get used to. I feel like the book should’ve been fleshed out more, especially in the beginning.

I liked the plot and characters, and would like to see more of them. I would definitely like to read the second novel, because I was happily surprised with this one.

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