Book Review: Celebrating The Journey by Ashley Hill

9780615651446.MAIN_.jpg-199x300Title: Celebrating the Journey

Author: Ashley Hill

Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Ashley Hill is excited yet nervous about her first year of college. She has an encounter that sends her life on an unforgettable path. She begins on a journey in pursuit of her authentic self to become a whole person again and fulfill her destiny. This candid account of her story will leave readers inspired and encouraged to accomplish their dreams.

Celebrating The Journey: Rediscovering Me is a memoir, self-help book by author Ashley Hill that talks about the author’s life before she went to college. It focuses on the hardships of life we all have to go through at that age, from dealing with tough relationships to figuring out who we truly are, who we want to be, and what our purpose is in this world.

The author wrote a touching book that greatly invests in the power of education, and how education can help us all to grow into responsible adults with a mind of our own. In the beginning of the book, Ashley Hill struggles with marriages problems and an abusive relationship. Her college education really helps her to step up for herself and say enough is enough.
The cool thing about this book were the flow charts you can fill in to track your own progress. I thought that was kind of neat.
I do recommend this book to people struggling with abusive relationships, or who want to empower themselves in any possible way. The writing was good and honest, and parts of the book really moved me. Going to college isn’t just about “going to college”, it’s also about becoming an adult and reaching a certain level of maturity, which this book explains well.

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