Book Review: Love/Life: Hot in Houston by Renee Curtis

16242448Title: Love/Life: Hot in Houston
Author: Renee Curtis
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating:  3 stars
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The Hawthorne sisters have it all: beauty, wealth and all of the trappings of high society Houston. Jasen-gorgeous and smart. She’s captured the heart of small town boy, Diesel. And she intends to give him more than just her heart in return! Sooner rather than later. Adrienne-the blonde bombshell. Her want-it-all-now attitude makes her irresistible to her rocker boyfriend, Jackson. But it also has the attention of a married man. Will she make the right choice when it comes to love? Their twenty second year will prove to be one fabulous, wild ride that will leave you wanting more. Because nothing makes Houston hotter than the Hawthorne sisters.

Love/Life: Hot in Houston reminded me of Gossip Girl. The main characters are two rich heiresses who are actually half-sisters, but they tend to get along well enough to forget that little fact. There is intelligent, clear-minded Jasen and intuitive, passionate Adrienna. Sometimes it seems like they’re miles apart, both in space and in thought, but they’re the best of friends. They have all the money in the world, only have to bother about gossip, going out, partying and hanging out with their equally-rich and equally-influential friends. However, their life isn’t as carefree as it appears at first.

The sisters’ dialogue is natural and flows easily, and fits them well for their age. Sometimes they came across as too self-confident, even cocky, though. But I figured that matched their personalities and heritage, and besides, not all main characters need to have the same characteristics and to have a cocky, almost arrogant lead for once is a nice change.

There was a little bit of mystery, which I enjoyed reading. The romance was the key-point of the novel though, and it worked well. Both Jasen and Adrienna are torn when it comes to love, and they must each go through their own journey to find out who they truly belong with. There were some hot and heavy scenes, but I enjoyed reading them. The author managed to get the point across without appearing too crude, and the language was appropriate for the scene. It was very 18+ though, so keep the minors away from this book.

I enjoyed the characters, but felt like there could’ve been a bit more depth to them. The plot was enjoyable as well, but again I would’ve liked it a bit more complicated and fleshed-out.

That aside though, I liked this book and it was a pleasant, quick read for me. It’s an ideal summer read (even though we’re as far away from summer as it gets, but this is the kind of book I’d enjoy reading on the beach or on the porch late on a hot summer evening). But even in winter, it’s a nice read to get away from the dark, depressing days ahead for a short period. It’s light, fun, humorous and entertaining.

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