Book Review: Assassination Anxiety (The McKenzie Files #2) by Barry Nelson

McKenzie2Anxiety-coverFRONT500Title: Assassination Anxiety (The McKenzie Files 2)

Author: Barry Nelson

Genre: Science-Fiction, Adventure

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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The three captured and reprogrammed Brelac Reploids have proved their worth to the Protectorate in a fierce battle against the powerful cybernetic weapon Succubus, developed by traitorous Dr. Fenlow. The Reploids, commissioned to form a special unit known as the Silencers under the jurisdiction of the military’s Central Intelligence Division, are back on Maseklos Prime, working at menial jobs while the CID keeps a close eye on them. That changes when President Drennan is almost killed in a bizarre assassination attempt.

Colin McKenzie and his team are ordered to uncover whoever’s behind the assassination attempt and to find and destroy the frightening weapons responsible for the horrible death and destruction at the President’s last election campaign address. After the first attempt on the President’s life, it’s certain more are sure to follow.

Meanwhile, Colin remains curious and wary about his dark past as a Vendetta operative formerly working against the Protectorate. The more he learns about his previous life, the less he likes it. Even more worrisome is the odd dreams he’s been having.

As Colin, Diane, and Kelly chase leads in their case, they realize they may be up against unstoppable weapons – but they are the Protectorate’s only hope.

Colin McKenzie is back in another adventure that’s filled with dark schemes, extraordinary action scenes, assassination attempts and much more. Colin, Diane and Kelly are three Reploids who have proven their worth while battling a powerful cybernetic weapon named Succubus. But now they’re back on Maseklos Prime, working menial jobs while the Central Intelligence Division keeps a close eye on them.

But then the president, Drennan, is almost killed in a strange assassination attempt. Colin and his team have to uncover whoever’s behind the attack, before they try to attack the President again. While Colin tries to uncover these secrets, finding out more about politics than he ever wanted to, and about Maseklos Prime, the Protectorate, and lots more, he also begins wondering about his dark past as a Vendetta working against the Protectorate. When he begins to have odd dreams, he starts to worry if maybe his old life has a way of catching up on him. With a third generation of Reploids somehow involved, who are specifically designed to be stronger than Colin and his team, this will be their hardest battle yet.

Barry Nelson masterfully crafts present and past into one, combines it with action and intrigue, and characters the reader easily starts to care about. Colin especially is a character one can easily relate to and care for. He tries so hard to blend in with human society, even going as far as attending a reunion to get closer to his family. But the harsh truth of the matter is that he’s different – and always will be. Then there’s his past haunting him. Even more so than in the first book, I really got a feel of him, saw him as a three-dimensional being with emotions and worries, just like everyone else.

Then there’s the vast, creative world the author drags the reader into. With so many groups battling each other, the Protectorate putting its nose where it doesn’t belong, political intrigue, and cybergenetic weapons, the world of Colin McKenzie is complicated, dangerous and highly imaginative.

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you’ll love this book. I for one can’t wait for the third book in the series, and to read more about Colin and his team.


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