Book Review Kiss and Tell by Monica Corwin

18159112Title: Kiss and Tell

Author: Monica Corwin

Genre: Erotic Romance

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Publisher: Breathless Press

Rating: 4 stars

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In a world of one night stands and friends with benefits, Tony is ready to experience all life has to offer, if only Jeremy could allow her to forget his hands, his mouth, and his proposal.

Tonya McGregor has everything a girl could want except…a man. Well, she has a man, just not one she wants. Transferred overseas to her international office, her father intends to teach her about the market. Instead of learning the lay of the land, she starts learning the men, including her sexy ex across the hall. On the advice of her best friend, Tonya takes a more active role in her love life, effectively ruining it for good.

Jeremy Brandt left New York City to get away from the rejection, the pain, and humiliation of falling for the boss’s daughter. Self imposed exile in South Korea turns distracting once Tonya sweeps into the Seoul office. Sleepless nights and long days spent between Tony’s thighs ignite emotions Jeremy thought he buried long ago.

The mistake of a lifetime throws Tonya back into Jeremy’s arms and each day that passes they drive closer to finally holding on to something real or losing it forever.

Tonya got sent to Korea to learn the international side of her family business, along with Jeremy, a lawyer she used to date. But because he kept pressuring her into marrying him, she’s stayed as far away from him as she could during the last few months. Having to work with him every day, while he’s still very much attracted to her, and his touch can still make her body go on fire, is tough.

Then Tonya, in an attempt to set herself free, signs up for an online dating website and meets a gorgeous guy named Steve. They go out on a date and things get hot and heavy, but Tonya can’t stop thinking about Jeremy, so she bails on him and heads home.

But the next day, she gets a threatening email. Apparently Steve filmed their entire rendez-vous, and now wants to blackmail her. Tonya goes to the only person she can trust for help, Jeremy. But contacting him means she has to tell him all about what happened between her and the mystery man she met online. Working together to stop Steve from destroying Tonya’s reputation, Tonya and Jeremy grow closer to each other with each passing day…

This was a great novella. It was excellent erotic romance – there was a build up, there were actual feelings between the characters, and there were lots of hot and heavy scenes. I didn’t like Tonya very much – she seemed like a stuck up bitch at the start, and then sobbed and cried for help whenever something bad happened – but toward the end, she took a turn for the better. Jeremy was an excellent character from the get-go though. He was thoughtful and sincere, and his emotions for Tonya were very real.

This was an enjoyable, entertaining, well-written read.


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