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I’m happy to celebrate the starter day party today for science fiction novel “Intelligenz”. I’ll be reviewing the book on December 16.

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About Intelligenz

9780957394100frontcoverTitle: Intelligenz (The Dark Atlanta Series)

Author: Lloyd Blake

Genre: Science Fiction

Atlanta, Georgia. Something disturbing is happening at one of America’s most successful tech companies. A girl is found dead in her home shower cubicle. A home linked to the Intelligenz corporation network of technologically advanced gated communities. This suspicious death, in a world where everything is scrutinised by the media, sets off unprecedented interest.

A young rookie journalist, Clara Flockhart, is assigned by her chief editor, Eric Nash, to investigate the strange happenings at the Intelligenz compound. An assignment that will plunge her into the unknown and lead her straight to the man whose company is being rocked by events outside of his control, Brandon Bloomfield.

At the same time, a young college dropout, Karl Jones, has his own suspicions about the recent death and the gated community that has overtaken his neighbourhood. Suspicions that will see him undertake his own exploration of the Intelligenz compound, he calls the fortress.

As the body count climbs and the nanotechnology, Intelligenz has secretly guarded, comes under scrutiny, the mysterious riddle as to what is actually happening deepens.

Is there a saboteur lurking within the corridors of the fastest growing company in America’s corporate history? Or does the darkness come from an unlikely source.


Author Bio

Lloyd hails from London, UK, and has always been fascinated by the power of words and books. As a child he engrossed himself in books, his favourite author being Roald Dahl. Years later, he was reading his brothers X-men, Spiderman, and all other super hero comics. Soon after, he would try his hand at writing short stories, mostly grizzly stories dripping with horror elements.

It wasn’t until he was at university studying business and marketing, he decided to fulfil his lifelong ambition of writing a full length novel.  ‘The fight for Naturah’ was born, a science fiction fantasy epic set in a parallel universe. The idea for his second novel sprung from the technological revolution that has immersed our world – what with social media, the internet, and the proliferation of gadgets and gizmos to aid our lives. The dark Atlanta series: Intelligenz, is the first book of an intended series and is a science fiction psychological thriller that examines the perils of our fascination with technology. The first book is published through shiftingpaperpublishing.

Lloyd will soon start work on the next instalment, so watch this space…


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