Book Review: A Dance for Fools by J.A. Lynch

a dance for fools coverTitle: A Dance for Fools
Author: J.A Lynch
Genre: Erotica
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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Bianka, a vampire with an insatiable thirst and desire for the body unlocked Pandora’s box when she disposed of Iona, and instead of getting the freedom she desired, she condemned herself to a curse.
With her new found fate as the Rose, comes the responsibility of choosing her own courtesan and fulfilling her pledge to Artemis and the Oracle, but Bianka is hell bent on revenge, and if she can’t have her freedom then at least she can play the King and his court for fools.
Of course, nothing is never simple, and as Bianka puts all her energies into revenge, she doesn’t see the ensuing chaos that she unleashes.
A dance for fools is only the beginning of the end…

A Dance for Fools is the second book in a series, but I didn’t read the first book and i could follow the story just fine. Bianka is the main character, a seductive, slightly manipulative vampire with strong needs and desires. As the Rose, she has to choose her own courtesan and fulfill a pledge to Artemis and the Oracle. However, Bianka is eager to take revenge on the King and his court, and in doing so, unleashes chaos she never thought possilbe.
I would’ve probably understood more about the Rose, and what it means to be the Rose, had I read the first book, but it didn’t bother me. Bianka was an intriguing character. She has an insatiable lust, especially for Batar, the king’s son, and a man she could fall in love with, if it were possible. But she also feels a strong desire toward one of her servant girls – and just in general, it seems like she’s attracted to almost anyone. I’m not always fond of erotica – it needs to have story and setting for me to enjoy it – but this book hit the nail spot on.
The setting is entertaining and quite unique. Sure, there are vampires, but the rituals, the Oracle, the Rose, all add original aspects to the story. The writing is quite impressive. Especially the f/f/ scenes. Those can be tricky to write – all sex scenes in general are tricky to write – but the author handled them very well.
This book isn’t just erotica. There’s mystery, intrigue, and event a hint of romance. A short read at just 40 pages, but it packs everything you’d expect from a longer novel.

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