Book Review: Harm by Kayti Nika Raet


Author: Kayti Nika Raet

Genre: YA Dystopian Thriller

Age Group: Young Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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After a harrowing escape from Amaryllis City, Niko is forced to lay low. The people who want to use her unique genetics for their own ends are still out there and their reach is long.
After an emotional split with Ben and hiding deep in the slums she soon meets Songhay, a charismatic thief and his younger sister Roosevelt. Together they dodge violent gangs, roaming Slithers and the ever present threat of acid rain. Growing closer Niko along with Songhay soon form a rag-tag band of Slither hunters to keep the slums safe and the monsters at bay.
But then she discovers shocking information about her past that challenges everything she thought to be true about herself and those she loves.
Now she has to decide if she’d going to stay safe in hiding or stand up to the lies and injustice swarming around her.
She was never one to lie low for long.
Lies and truth collide in the second book of the Outsider Chronicles.

Niko, her brother Jared, and Ben, escpae from Amaryllis City to find refuge in the Black City. But as it’s obvious together the three of them won’t get in, Ben stays behind, Outside. While Niko pleads with him, it’s no use, and she ends up going inside on her own. No sooner does she get inside, or she’s attacked. A young thief named Songhay comes to her rescue, and his fighting skills impress her enough to tag after him. He introcues her to his sister, Roosevelt.

Niko and Songhay grow closer to each other, forming a band of Slither hunters and trying to free the slums from their continuous presence. But when Niko thinks life is finally settling down, an unexpected secret from her past comes back to haunt.

I loved Songhay. He’s fun, charismatic, confident, and even a little bit goofy, which is quite a feat considering the dire circumstances they find themselves in. I also liked Roosevelt. She has a lot of guts, courage, and she’s also quite intelligent. It was great how she and Songhay started calling Niko “Harm” almost right away, as if they’d known her for years. They also treated her like family.

There’s definitely a lot of dystopian stuff going on, but there’s also a hand of fantasy and mystery that made it even more intriguing for me. The Slithers were cool monsters to battle too.

Harm came as a pleasant surprise. The writing is pretty good as well. Definitely looking forward to the next part in the series.



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