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Retail Marketing Management Book CoverTitle: Retail Marketing Management
Genre: Business
Author: Claudia Buhamra Abreu Romero
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 124
Language: English
Format: Ebook

Born from studies and the experiences of its author, Retail Marketing Management provides guidelines, concepts, and practices of marketing, with a special focus on retail management. The guidelines aim to encourage and facilitate the development of marketing strategies that enable organizations to achieve greater competitive power and build brands that are respected and valued in the market, while the concepts are intended to give the theoretical background to the practices commented on and suggested here. As the language is accessible and direct, the work has the advantage of proposing immediate solutions for business, especially for market professionals who are eager for results and have no time for heavy academic reading. Moreover, the teachings contained herein are also useful to students and teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge about marketing. Application This book is recommended for professionals and academics from different areas and can be used for reading in business environments, and as part of the literature of technology courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in business administration and marketing.




The book by Professor Claudia Buhamra reflects the intense conceptual and practical knowledge of the author, and offers a valuable contribution to retailers of all sizes and industries. This work includes a very complete range of themes for marketing retailer, bringing a wide range of practical examples which are analyzed and updated illuminated by solid marketing concepts. Structured in a very didactic way, and in a language accessible to different levels of the company, the text facilitates learning and the practical exercise of the themes of retail marketing. I recommend this excellent book to all retailers who responsibly seek to win the hearts and minds of their consumers. Preface by Prof. Juracy Parente, PhD. Professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas – EAESP/FGV Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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