Book Review: Ghostly Tales by Billy Roberts

18126469Title: Ghostly Tales

Author: Billy Roberts

Genre: Non-Fiction, True Haunting, Ghosts and Hauntings

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 1 star

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A firsthand witness to an uncountable number of paranormal events, author Billy Roberts tells absolutely true stories that will leave you touched by otherworldly fear. Filled with poltergeists, murderers, and hair-raising spirits, Ghostly Tales is possibly the most frightening book you will ever read. Some of the spine-chilling stories included in this book are gruesome. Some are horrific. All of the stories will chill you to your very bones.
A dead man lurks in the land of the living, mystifying his family at his own funeral. An unassuming family, caught in the grip of a misbegotten crystal ball, becomes haunted by deplorable scenes of hellish atrocities. A cloven-hooved card shark interrupts a weekly poker game and terrorizes the players with evil foreboding. The dozens of stories in this book are absolutely true, and they all transcend the bounds of the imagination in a way that will have you afraid to turn out the lights.

Ghostly Tales wasn’t what I expected at all. I request almost any true haunting book I can get my hands on, because I love the genre. But for this one, I’ll make an exception. It doesn’t sound like a true haunting book at all – and that’s my major issue with the book. The stories in here are just stories. There’s no claim to the truth of the stories, we don’t even know if they’re real, or if the author just made them up. The stories are short, we feel no connection to the people mentioned in the stories, and in general, they could just be campfire stories, rather than real life accounts by a ghost hunter.

Some of the stories are downright ridiculous. I remember at the start there was a story about a man who’d passed away and visited his own funeral…yeah, and how would you know that?

Basically this reads more like an anthology of scary short stories than a non-fiction book. I’m not convinced at all that any of the stories mentioned here are true, since there’s no, or little, research, and some stories are very farfetched. Not impressed.

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