Book Review: Wolf Legend by Florence Witkop

wolflegendTitle: Wolf Legend
Author: Florence Witkop
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Jane, who dislikes wolves because they kill livestock, takes Buck Portman, wolf researcher and wildlife professor at the nearby college to an island for a week to seek out the huge wolves legend says have been seen in the area. She’s skeptical until a huge wolf runs through their camp… and mentally connects with Jane. Both woman and wolf are startled by their mental connection. The wolf invites Jane to follow so they can sort out what’s between them. Jane takes off after the wolf in the dark, followed by the confused professor. She follows the wolf through a cave and into another world, one populated by larger-than-life, dangerous animals, including the wolves of the legend. Her mental connection to the alpha she-wolf is all that saves their lives in that dangerous place. Days later, when they return to their world, at the request of the alpha wolf they take her wolf pup with a broken leg so it can be healed. Problem is that wild wolves are not allowed as pets in our world so the professor must technically care for the wolf with Jane’s help. But he has reservations. The huge dire wolf pup is in the wrong world. As it grows, will it remain a pet or become a dangerous predator? As the attraction between Jane and the professor grows, so do the problems inherent in having a huge prehistoric wolf in today’s world.

In Wolf Legend, main character Jane isn’t too fond of wolves. However, she’s tasked to take Buck Portman, a wolf researched and wildlife professor at a nearby college, to an island for a week, where they will search for the gigantic wolves that have been stalking the island, according to legend. To say Jane is skeptical, would be an understatement. That is, until a huge wolf comes roaming through their camp, and forms a mental connection with Jane.

Jane chases the wolf through a cave, and into another world, populated by enormous animals including the wolves of legend. When Jane and Buck take a puppy back to the real world, to heal it from a broken leg, both of them have reservations. After all, the puppy doesn’t really belong here. As Jane and Buck feel more and more attracted to each other, they must decide what to do next.

An original story with fresh plot elements, likeable characters, and an inspiring setting. The writing was solid from start to end. I understood Jane’s reservations toward wolves, but I also understood why Buck felt attracted to the animals and wanted to find out more about how they lived, their patterns, their behavior, etc. The mind connection between Jane and the wolves was a definite bonus, and adding an interesting perspective to the story.

A solid read for people looking for something fresh and different.


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