Book Review: Missing & Presumed Dead by Gale St. John and Diana Montané

18579782Title: Missing & Presumed Dead: A Psychic’s Search for Justice

Author: Gale St. John and Diana Montané

Genre: Non-Fiction, True Haunting, Ghosts and Hauntings

Rating: 3,5 stars

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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This fascinating look into the life and case studies of one of America’s most well-known psychic crime profilers offers readers a rare insider’s perspective on a dramatic world most people have only seen on television. Psychic sleuth Gale St. John has helped find missing persons from Ohio to Kathmandu, with victims ranging from innocent young children to Mafia bosses. Gale reveals how she is able to tune in to a missing person, describing what she sees, hears, and feels whether the individual is alive or not. One woman’s spirit relayed information that saved her roommate’s life. Another spirit, whose physical remains Gale helped locate, now helps her with other cases. Some of these stories made national headlines, a few cases are still unsolved. Each extraordinary account sheds light on the mysterious world of the psychic detective.

In Missing & Presumed Dead, Gale St. John talks about her experiences as a psychic working with law enforcement, where she helps find missing people. She works along with police officers, or sometimes takes on jobs all on her own. The victims she tracks down range from children to Mafia bosses, to innocent housewives. Gale St. John reveals her methods: how she tunes in to a missing person, how she follows her senses, describes what she sees, hears and feels to get an idea of where the person is at and if he/she is still alive. And most of all, this book shows that the dead aren’t always just gone, and that they might help solve their own murder, even from beyond the grave.

The writing was excellent for this type of book, and Gale always stayed down-to-earth. I liked how she took up the initiative to train dogs to help her find missing persons – alive and dead. A lot of time goes into training those dogs, but for Gale, it’s truly a pasison, a calling in life, to help those who have disappeard, and their families, so she trains her dogs, every week, year in, year out. Truly admirable.

I did find a lot of the focus of the book was on the dogs. And although interesting at times, I wanted to read more about the psychic cases, about the missing persons. Training dogs is a vital part of that, I understand, but the focus should’ve been on Gale being a medium, and how she locates her victims.

All in all, a good read, and different than I’m used to. I like to read about true hauntings, but missing cases solved by a psychic, I’m digging that topic as well.


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