Book Review: Losing Him Gaining You by Corbin Lewars

Losing Him Gaining YouTitle: Losing Him Gaining You

Author: Corbin Lewars

Genre: Non-Fiction, Divorce Guide

Rating: 4 stars

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Losing Him, Gaining You is a refreshingly honest and uplifting guide through divorce. Based on research and her own experience, Corbin Lewars coaches her readers through tough territory with a direct, straightforward step by step approach to divorce. With inspiration and a large dose of humor, Corbin offers a way forward that will help others trust themselves and make wise choices for their new life.

Losing Him, Gaining You is an honest guide through divorce. The author talks about her personal experiences, and a step by step approach to divorce. It’s easy to read – the writing isn’t overly descriptive or lyrical – and well-researched. It offers both practical tips as well as some tips on how to deal with divorce emotionally.

I’ve never been through a divorce, but from what I gathered from friends and relatives who went through it, it’s definitely not easy. Especially not if kids are involved. This book can be a good guide for people going through a divorce, and in particular about how to handle the kids, and how to react to their questions.

It’s a solid resource for people going through a divorce, or contemplating divorce. Either way, it won’t be easy, but at least this might help.

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