Book Review: Trusting the Knot by Kara Winters

22839744Title: Trusting The Knot
Author: Kara Winters
Genre: Erotica
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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Sasha Caesario worries of finishing college with the burden of student loans, she discovers an advertisement for a well-paid summer job as a submissive. BDSM has been a curiosity to her, ever since watching a stage show in Los Angeles. However stepping into her new role requires much more than ropes and chains…

As a Master Dominant, Dr. Richard Anderson has had his share of the spotlight, being a co-founder of one of the nation’s top BDSM retreats. But past troubles forced him to stay away from the crowds. Now, being urged by his surrounding friends to take on a new submissive for the summer, he reluctantly agrees. He’ll never let this new girl into his world. Or into his heart…

But when Sasha arrives, that feeling to control and protect comes charging through as he sees her potential. Yet as the summer progresses, and the closer they become, his walls begin to crumble. Sasha can see the man he once was, but is she too late helping him regain the trust he lost years ago?

Trusting the Knot is an intriguing erotica novel – it’s not just erotica, instead it’s about much more. The characters each have a different personality, their own strength and weaknesses, and they manage to balance each other in an unique way. While the erotic part is a large part of the boook, it also focuses on character development and growth, adding more depth and complexity to the novel.

Sasha Caesario, our main character, decides to take a leap when she reads an ad for a summer job as a submissive. She’s always been intrigued by BDSM, and the summer job pays well, and could help her pay off her student loans. When she saw the ad, something kept pulling her to it, although she knows little about the BDSM world, and she’s reluctant to let go of control.

When she gets chosen for the job, she meets Dr. Richard Anderson, the dom. Although reluctant to take a new submissive at first, after suffering some personal troubles and having his trust broken, he sees potential in Sasha, and decides to give this a shot anyway. As Sasha learns to lose control, he learns how to let his walls down, and how to trust again…

The two characters have very different personalities, and sometimes they clash, kind of like fireworks. Their dynamics are intriguing though. The plot isn’t that original, but the writing and the characters more than make up for that. I enjoyed finding out more about the characters and the setting and dynamics of the world of BDSM.

An intriguing novel recommended to erotica fans.

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