Book Review: Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg by Patrick Burke and Jack Roth

20605414Title: Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg
Author: Patrick Burke and Jack Roth
Genre: Non-Fiction, True Haunting, Ghosts and Hauntings
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Discover the paranormal legacy of one of America’s most celebrated historical sites. Based on scores of investigations conducted at the battlefield, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg presents a wealth of fascinating Civil War history and compelling, first-hand encounters with ghost soldiers. Meticulously researched and respectful, this book reveals the mysteries of the spirit world while bringing the stories of this notorious battle to life.
Follow investigators who listen to the testimonies of soldiers before helping them cross to the other side. Experience personal and thrilling stories, such as the fallen soldier who allows a present-day tourist a glimpse into his last moments on earth. These true encounters, and many more, are found within this amazing collection of the trials and triumphs at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Includes thirty-five photos!

When I started reading Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, I didn’t have high expectations. I’m not that familiar with the history of Gettysburg – the American Civil War isn’t compulsory history class material over here besides the absolute basics. But I’m a history and paranormal nut, so I wanted to give this book a shot. Turns out it didn’t dissapoint at all.

It tells the story of the ghosts of Gettysburg from two perspective: we get heaps of historical info, and at the same time, we also learn about the paranormal events going on. We read testimonies from the soldiers, their personal stories about what happened to them.

The paranormal investigations are discussed in great detail, adding to their credibility. The photos are a great bonus too, as they help set the vibe for the entire book.

An interesting mix of history and paranormal, decent writing, and highly entertaining.


  1. The “Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg” is the book which presents a wealth of fascinating Civil War history and first-hand encounters with ghost soldiers. The history of Gettysburg is known to the world. As this review said, I would try to know the historical info and about the paranormal events going on. It is good to read testimonies from the soldiers and their personal stories.

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