Book Review: Weekend Experience by Simone Freier

49abee_b9add4d56f2945828a42ebba1ebc7f1a.jpg_srz_p_231_323_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzTitle: Weekend Experience
Author: Simone Freier
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
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Beyond 50 Shades … Way Beyond!

WEEKEND EXPERIENCE is an intimate exploration of kinks and fetishes by an unlikely couple, with thoughtful and philosophical discussion by the characters, and graphic descriptions of their erotic adventures.

Sam and Kelly have role-played some of their most intimate fantasies in an atmosphere of openness and trust.  Now, Sam wants to share with Kelly new kinks, fetishes and sensual pleasures.  Kelly is more than a willing participant:  She is the mirror by which Sam sees that his openness and submission is as important as Kelly’s.  A visit by her friends leads to new fantasies for both of them.

The Experiences series is an epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires. Written in a ‘literary realism’ style, the series introduces Sam in the prequel, and the blossoming of his intimate relationship with Kelly as the series progresses. Fantasies and real-world adventures coalesce to mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers. Where needs are mutually satisfied in an open, creative and trusting environment. Where physical and mental boundaries are pushed. Where the concepts of love and sex are never confused, but sometimes confusing. Where openness is required and intimacy is expected. And where fair-is-fair, regarding the punishment of transgressions.

Contemporary erotic romance: Suitable for mature readers, aged 18+ years.

Experiences:  Book 3 is 101,000 words, 17 chapters, 336 print pages

Acclaim from reviewers:

“Erotic, sexy, imaginative, and descriptive”

“The dialog in this book is top notch”

“Origins of a Fetish is well written, fast paced, and a true page turner”

“After reading Origins of a Fetish, I truly wanted more”

“An extremely sexy novel that is filled with substance”

“Will leave you questioning your own beliefs on sex”


This work contains mature content, including graphic sexual descriptions and scenes, and is provided for adults only. The Experiences series contains scenes of psychological and physical submission, discipline, and medical fetish.  The characters explore various fetishes, which evolve throughout the series.  ALL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK ARE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, and all activities are consensual.

In Weekend Experience we meet with Sam and Kelly again. They’ve already role-played once, during First Experience, and now they’re back for more. Their relationship is still based on openness and honesty, and here they explore their fantasies even further. More than about the fetishes, the book also talks about the psychology behind the fetishes and why Sam is so focused on what happened during his childhood.

I would definitely recommend reading First Experiences before diving into this one. Then the characters will make more sense, especially how they develop during the book. The writing is clear and to the point, and the author manages to clarify both characters’ intent and their ideas quite clearly.

If you read the first book and enjoyed it, then you will love this own. It had me question a lot of things, and in a good way. I kept on turning the pages, and wanted to read to the end. The dialog is great, and the characters are amazing. A great read, and recommended to all fans of erotic romance.

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