Book Review: A Bridge Through Time by Jennae Vale

A Bridge Through Time BTitle: A Bridge Through Time

Author: Jennae Vale

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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Ashley Moore’s life in San Francisco has hit a few snags, not the least of which involves sightings of a mystery man around every corner.  Is she losing her mind or does he really exist?   Her search for this grey-eyed stranger leads her to  Scotland. There she meets a witch with a secret, a vindictive English knight who is bent on revenge, and she crosses a fog shrouded bridge into the arms of a 16th century Highlander.

Cailin MacBayne is no stranger to beautiful women, but has always managed to stay one step ahead of commitment.  That all comes to an end when he meets Ashley.  He doesn’t care where this beautiful, yet unusual lass came from, he’s just happy to have found her.  Ashley cannot resist the handsome Scot and finds herself falling hopelessly in love.  In the process, a secret is revealed, a battle is waged and Ashley must ultimately decide whether to return to her own time or give up her 21st century life to stay with the love she has found in the past.

In A Bridge through Time, we meet Ashley Moore, who has hit a few rough spots in life, and who starts seeing a mysterious man all of the sudden. She starts to wonder if she’s losing her mind, or if the man is real. Her quest leads her to Scotland, where she crosses a time-warp bridge and ends up in sixteenth-century Scotland. There she meets Cailin MacBayne, a handsome man who although no stranger to women, has for some reason always managed to stay out of commitment. That changes when he meets Ashley though – she awakens a fire within him he thought has long since perished.

The book combines a lot of storylines, and does so in a seamless way, that makes it look a lot easier than it probably was. Sixteenth-century Scotland is filled with an intriguing list of characters, among them a witch hiding a secret, a knight out for vengeance…then there’s also a war going on, the whole time travel thing. It’s a lot, but the author introduces all parts of the story nicely, and it forms a coherent plot.

The characters were engaging, both in their own way. They went through a lot of emotional turmoil. It was easier to connect with Ashley than to Cailin though, but that seems normal considering he’s from the sixteenth century.

A highly enjoyable novel, recommended to fans of time travel and romance.


  1. Jennae Vale ‘ s “A Bridge Through Time” is a must-read…a page turner that had me reading from beginning to ending. There were interesting characters and a wonderfully written story that had me imagining I was there enjoying the journey back in time when men had thighs as large as tree trunks wearing kilts and swung swords with powerful force to protect the Ines they loved. I look forward to Jennae Vale ‘ s next book in her Thistle & Hive Series starring Jenna…Ashley ‘ s best friend left behind in modern times. Hope the wait isn’t too long!!!!

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