Book Review: Love Garage (Love Brothers #1) by Liz Crowe

LizCrowe-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Title: Love Garage

Author: Liz Crowe

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 stars

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Antony Love is the quintessential responsible oldest brother of a boisterous, Italian/Irish family, placed in charge at a young age by his parents who are busy running the family business. He manages his siblings with a fair but iron hand, until his life is shattered by personal tragedy leaving him the shell of the man he once was.
When outspoken matriarch Lindsay Halloran Love becomes ill, the youngest brother Aiden shows up at Antony’s garage, having dropped out of school (again), needing work and a place to crash. Antony provides both, with three caveats: “Don’t smoke in my truck, don’t be late for work, and don’t mess with my girlfriend.”
But Aiden Love, budding novelist, gets one glimpse of Rosalee Norris, young widow of Antony’s lifelong best friend and all bets are off.

I thought the book would be focused mostly on love and romance, but Love Garage also focuses a lot of family – and love within a family. Antony Love is the oldest brother of five siblings. They’re family is as tight knit as they get, so that when their mother becomes ill, all siblings and their father are affected. When Antony’s youngest brother, Aiden, shows up at his garage, having dropped out of school again and in need of work, he offers him a job and place to stay. But the new arrangement has some side effects. Rosalee, a long-time friend of Antony’s, and a widow, enters the picture, and from the moment Aiden sees her, he falls for her, and then all bets are off.

I enjoyed the family quarrels and interactions the most. At the heart of the book, you’ve got a family just like any other. They argue, they fight, but they love each other to the core, and as a reader you can easily feel that warmth and love rolling off the pages. Aiden is an intriguing character too, though. He’s flawed, has his ups and downs, he struggles with finding out what he wants in life, and he grows so much as a person throughout this book. There’s plenty of romance too, even some sort of triangle although the focus was mostly on Aiden and Rosalee, and all of that makes this book a wirlwind to read, a fast-paced adventure.

This is my first read by this author, and I enjoyed it. The dynamics between the characters work great, and the plot had a few surprising twists too.

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