Book Review Bare Threads

BareThreads_1800x2700HiResTitle: Bare Threads
Author: DP Denman
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Liam is not a family man. He learned to avoid the entanglement and its mire of expectations; expectations he feels destined to crush. Unfortunately, Justin is pushing him into the arms of his new family and he’s fighting every step.

When a person he never expected to see again reappears, Liam finds a reason to make a few concessions for the sake of real love and the only man he is willing to call family.

Book four of the Saving Liam Series

This is the fourth book in a series focuisng on Liam and Justin. While they’re still struggling with issues of the past, they also face some difficult career choices. Liam is convinced he’s not a family man, and he feels like he’ll always mess it up somehow. Meanwhile, Justin does his best to prove to Liam that family is important, especially when a person Liam never expected to see agian makes a reappearance.

The book has a few surprises, and more than ever the reader can feel connected to both characters and follow them thorugh their journey closer toward one another. I like both these characters, and I loved reading more about them. It was a nice installment, and I look forward to reading more.

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