Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Amber Gifts


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for fantasy / science fiction / time travel “Amber Gifts”. The tour runs from February 16 to February 23.

Tour Schedule

February 16th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

February 16th: Promo Post @ Nat’s Book Nook

February 18th: Book Review @ A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Haus

February 19th: Guest Post @ The Reading Head 

February 21st: Book Review @ Books, Books and More Books

February 22nd: Promo Post @ The Book Daily

February 23rd: Book Excerpt and Interview @ Literary Musing

About The Book

Grungy design with mysterious time machines and clock composition in warm toneTitle: Amber Gifts

Author: Kevin B. Henry

Genre: Fantasy / Science Fiction / Time Travel

Amber Gifts, begins with the introduction of Mitchell, a man who never expected to become a time traveler. He never believed such a thing was possible. After a decades long downward spiral, Mitchell was at the bottom of life’s rungs. Until the stranger handed him a simple, amber vial he expected life to only get worse.

The Man told him to drink it. He did and Mitchell’s life changed drastically, but was it a change for the better? Now he was a time traveler and when asked to help some fresh acquaintances, he gladly agrees. A simple request to just find some items they had left scattered throughout time. How hard could it be?

All they wanted were the artifacts returned to them, but someone wants to stop him. It will take more than luck for Mitchell to find all the items and survive to complete his mission.

It seemed there was no length his adversary would go to bring Mitchell’s travels and his life to an abrupt end.

A scavenger hunt through time turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.


Author Bio

MeAsWriterFrom an early age, Kevin B. Henry was a voracious reader. His collection of science fiction, fantasy and mystery books bring tears of envy to the eyes of many small community libraries.

Kevin has worked as an educator, technology specialist and day laborer most of his adult life. During all that time he lived the life of a frustrated author. That it took 30 years for him to piece together Amber Gifts is a testament that the best meals need slow cooking to bring out the flavor.

The Amber Gifts Series begins with Amber Gifts. The second story, which is really the first, is Amber Prelude, scheduled to be published in June, 2015. The third story, Amber Legacy continues where Amber Gifts left off. It will be available in November 2015. All are published by the wonderful folks at the Champagne Book Group. A fourth story is in the process of being written.

Kevin is a natural story teller, so it’s logical that he lectures occasionally. Topics range from the implementation of cutting edge technology hardware to the creation, modification and use of e-books within education. He constantly pursues research to expand his range of possible topics. His most recent research revolved around the aerodynamic properties of reindeer. He’s also been known to include little known facts and trivia within his presentations. Did you know just 146 years ago today the Union Army marched into Atlanta. It took longer than anticipated. They were delayed by a traffic jam on I-75 and the toll booth on Ga. 400

He continues to live in the Mid-West without human or domesticated mammal companionship.



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  1. Thank you very much for posting this. I appreciate it greatly.
    I would have thanked you sooner, but no one told me where I was going to be yesterday.
    It’s great being here!!

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