Book Review: His Name is Killian by Ella Adamian

Killian e-book coverTitle: His Name is Killian

Author: Ella Adamian

Genre: Erotic Romance

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 4 stars

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“I met a guy today and I think he’s crazy.”
She knows little about him. Only that he paints harpies, and that he loves it rough. That he suffers from mood swings. And that his name is Killian.
He’s gentle until he’s not. Sweet until he gets angry. He has promised her a month of sexual games, but is that really what he wants from her?
As the time passes, his dark side slowly reveals itself. There is a secret in his past and it doesn’t let him rest.
This novel is intended for mature audiences only. Contains explicit sex scenes.

His Name is Killian is the unconventional romance story of Killian and Melissa, two people who couldn’t possibly be more different yet are, for some inexplicable reason, drawn to each other. Killian is a painter. He notices Melissa, a writer, one day and asks her to pose for him. She’s hesitant at first, but then agrees to do it. She soon finds herself drawn into his dark and tempting world, of rough, sensual and sexual games. But Killian has a dark side that slowly reveals itself as time moves on, and Melissa must decide if she can live with his mood swings in exchange for a kind of pleasure she didn’t think existed.

Melissa is a rather plain character. Killian here, is the interesting one. He poses an enigma, a riddle, hiding dark secrets Melissa has to uncover if she wants to know him completely. At the same time, he’s also quite scary. I found him intriguing, truly one of the most intriguing characters I’ve read about. And that he chooses Melissa of all people only make his choices more mysterious.

The book is intense, sometimes on the dark side, and over all, it offers an intriguing story with a surprising twist near the end.

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