Book Review and Giveaway: After Her by Amber Kay

After HerTitle: After Her

Author: Amber Kay

Genre: New Adult Suspense

Age Group: New Adult

Rating: 4stars

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Cassandra Tate wasn’t prepared for Vivian Lynch.

When Vivian offers to make Cassandra the sole beneficiary of her will, Cassandra’s only concern is what she’ll have to do (for this peculiar stranger) in return.

Nineteen-year-old Cassandra knows nothing about the seedy underbelly of the Orange Country high life. Born and bred within the most wholesome little city of Montana, Cassie escaped this stale monotony to California with nothing, but a few bucks in her pocket. This, she thought, was supposed to christen the start of a new life away from the emotional prison created by her helicopter mess of a mother.

As a college sophomore slaving for meager tips waitressing, Cassandra isn’t in the position to turn down easy money. At the rate she going, she’ll be up to her ass in debt until she’s sixty. Her skinflint boss isn’t willing to budge on a pay raise and there is no magic button to make bill collectors go away. When the contentious relationship with her estranged mother leaves her broke, she is forced to decide how desperate she truly is.

Vivian is planning her own funeral. Her days as “society’s queen” are numbered, leaving her to prepare for the inevitable the only way she knows how—closing bank accounts, arranging life insurance policies and assigning beneficiaries. She doesn’t have time to fall apart over “a silly little thing like cancer.” But this eccentric, aging socialite does not intend to die, not without tying up some loose ends first.

Cassandra’s life is at an impasse. Vivian’s life is coming to an end.

Vivian’s “generous” offer (of financial stability) to Cassandra comes with some strings attached. If Cassandra will agree to replace Vivian after the funeral, Cassandra will become an instant heiress worth billions. It’s an indecent proposal many college students would take without hesitation, but it’s not enough to simply step into the shoes of this enigmatic socialite. Cassandra must also marry Vivian’s husband.

It sounds simple enough…until Cassandra discovers that Vivian’s husband is a convicted murderer.

After Her is an engaging read about college sophomore Cassandra Tate, who spends her days waitressing for little more than pocket money. She has no choice, since she’s almost completely broke, thanks to her mother, and Cassandra struggles to get by. Meanwhile, wealthy socialite Vivian Lynch is dying from cancer. She has little time left, and she spends that time arranging her funeral, finding beneficiaries for her will, and tying up loose ends. One of those ends includes Cassandra, and Vivian’s request the young girl take her place in high society after Vivian passes away.

But there’s a catch. Cassandra doesn’t just have to fill Vivian’s shoes and spend her money – she also has to marry Vivian’s husband, who happens to be a convicted murderer. Cassandra must weigh her options and make a choice.

I liked Cassandra. She has spirit and personality, and even though she needs to adjust a lot to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, she manages to adjust rather quickly. I also liked her interactions with the other characters, especially with Adrian. Vivian too, is an intriguing character. She cares so much about appearances and sometimes acts as if cancer is nothing but a hindrance, an annoyance, and she can’t be bothered to dwell on it for long. It was interesting to see how her personality changed when her illness grew worse.

The book isn’t shy on suspense, and I kept turning the pages to find out what would happen next. A definite recommendation if you like suspense novels.


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