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About The Book

PTF covTitle: All In: Playing the Fool

Author: Lane Hart

Genre: Romance / Erotica


Will Reavis is the last man standing. All of his lifelong friends are settling down, and seem nauseatingly happy with their significant others. Even his little sister Jules recently married, taking off with Will’s best friend.

While Dylan and Jules are away on their honeymoon, they leave their penthouse apartment and expensive vehicles in Will’s care. After a night on the town with his new wingman, criminal defense attorney Joe Montgomery, Will meets the woman of his dreams.

Knowing a beautiful woman like Lacy would never go for a normal, nothing-special guy like him for more than a one-night stand, Will let’s her believe that all of Dylan’s riches are his own.

Lacy Pierce is newly single and not looking to settle down anytime soon. Why would she do something so foolish, when she knows how things always end? Her own father had affairs on her mother, and her famous football playing ex-boyfriend Zack Bradford cheated on her repeatedly during the year they were together.

Will seems like Zack’s opposite, and even better, he looks … safe. When she finds out the cute, unassuming, intelligent guy is actually the first man that can show her the wild passion she’s been missing out on, she reconsiders her no commitment rule. That is until she finds out Will has lied to her, and only sees her as a one-night fling.

Fate eventually steps in to bring the two back together.

When Lacy agrees to help out in her father’s law firm during the summer, she has no idea that the young attorney she’ll be working for is none other than Joe Montgomery, Will’s good friend. She’s also surprised to find out that Will is actually the IT guy for her father’s firm, when their paths cross once again.

After Lacy and Will get hot and heavy in public one night, they not only end up with criminal charges, Lacy’s father puts an end to idea of them continuing a relationship. He threatens to have Will, Joe, and Will’s friend and Joe’s assistant, Jess, all fired.

Unwilling to risk the consequences, Lacy tries to stop thinking about Will. Her hot new boss makes for a pretty nice distraction, and the two pass the time teasing and flirting with each other. Things begin to get complicated with Lacy and Joe, especially when it becomes clear that her and Will aren’t over.

Will does a little soul-searching and decides that he’ll do whatever it takes to have the woman of his dreams … even if that means indulging in some of her naughtier fantasies! But all relationships are fragile, and when Lacy finds out that the only two men she’s ever trusted have both conspired to betray her, it’ll take a tragedy to help her see that the ones we love occasionally deserve our forgiveness. Lacy will also find out the hard way that her wild and foolish decisions will eventually catch up with her, impacting all the men in her life.


Author Bio

Lane Hart lives in the south with her husband, children and pets named after Star Wars characters. After thirty years she’s finally figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. When Lane’s not writing she spends her free time reading everything she can get her hands on, watching football, and conducting research for scenes in her next steamy book.

Lane loves to hear from her readers on Facebook, Twitter, on her website, or by email!


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Three lucky winners will each get a box set of the first three books in the All In Series:

–          All In: Double or Nothing

–          All In: Betting on a Full House

–          All In: Calling His Bluff

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