Book Review: The Thinking

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEcoverTitle: The Thinking (The Landland Chronicles #2)

Author: Dallas Sutherland

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Age Group: Middle Grade

Rating: 4 stars

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The Greying snakes across Bigriver towards Landland … all the lands are in turmoil. Meah combines her power of thinking with the magical Book of Colours, and joins the Bigriverland army to fight the horrid Firbog. Faith, Hope, and Charity, the white many-headed-winged-thing, returns. Auntie Beryl has become the evil Queen Berilbog– she must be stopped. Many-headed-winged-things soar high over battle-fields, three-humped-beasts-of-war go on the rampage, and, from out of the mists of the greying, slithering Homunculi goad them on.
Meah’s magical plans are not what Landland needs– Firbog hordes swarm across a dried up Bigriver into Landland, cutting their way through The Scented Forest, all the way up to the tip of Mount Beacon.
Chaos reigns supreme, Landland writes its own story … but the story is all wrong. Meah looks for a way to escape. Will she find her father, The Biggo, again? Can they win their way home– should they leave Landland and all their friends in the clutches of Auntie Beryl, the Grey Lady?

I read The Greying, the first book in this series some time ago and enjoyed it, so I was eager to jump into The Thinking. The book certainly didn’t dissapoint. It takes off where the previous book left off, bringing back all the characters we’ve come to know, and some new ones. There are so many original elements that it’s hard to mention them all. I enjoyed Auntie Beryl as the evil Queen Berilbog, and also the magical Book of Colours, the Firbog’s in general, the Homunculi, and basically, everything about the book. Dallas Sutherland has amazing imaginative skills, as he shows, once again, in this book.

Landland becomes more an actual being too here, and it works surprisingly well. Meah is awesome, and as reader, you can’t help but cheer her on as she tries to save the day.

Middle graders will love this series.

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