Book Review: Run by Becky Johnson

Run-ebook-webTitle: Run

Author: Becky Johnson

Genre: Mystery / Suspense

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

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A decades old mystery and a deadly game of cat and mouse will change Charlotte Marshall forever.
Charlotte has a good life: friends, family, a successful career. Her perfect life is destroyed when research for a book and a connection from her past plunges her into the middle of her worst nightmare.
On the run, with no one to trust, Charlotte begins to unravel the work of a sadistic murderer. Afraid and alone, she will learn the meaning of trust and just when to run.

Run managed to scare me, because Charlotte, the main character, is researching a book, and that research uncovers a series of murders all done by what she believes is the same person. There’s a connection to Charlotte’s past, and when she finds out about the murders, she becomes the next target of the serial killer. This was quite scary to me because while studying for my criminology degree and as an aspiring true crime writer, I’m often doing similar research…and the thought of thus becoming the target of a serial killer hit a little close to home.

Either way, back to the book. Charlotte goes on the run for the killer, hence the title, and she grows worried who she can trust and who she can’t. Charlotte was a fun character to read about. She had plenty of quirks that made me laugh sometimes, but for the most part, she showed herself to be brave, intelligent and resourceful.

The past, with Charlotte researching a young girl’s murder and then stumbling upon the serial killer connection, is entertwined with the present, and the balance between both works well. The writing is great, the pacing is fast, and overall, it’s an engrossing, edge-of-your-seat story.

Apparently Run is the first book in a series, and I for one can’t wait to read the second book.

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