Book Review: The Evolved by K.T. Webb

The Evolved coverTitle: The Evolved
Author: KT Webb
Genre: YA Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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From Indie Author KT Webb comes a fantasy novel that challenges tradition. She artfully combines elements of mythology, theology, romance and adventure to create a fast paced and intriguing story.

Thatcher Kline is a ward of the state, a runaway and a loner. But he has a few secrets; secrets that make him a freak, secrets that have cut him off from any semblance of a family.

Hadley and Whitley Callaghan are the twin daughters of a powerful man. Their mother abandoned them when they were little, leaving them to be raised by an absent father and his security detail. They find themselves settling into small town life in South Dakota when they meet Kerr Mason and their world turns upside down.

Kerr is a bookworm, storeowner and a good judge of character. He likes to be alone; other people make him uncomfortable. When he meets the Callaghan twins, he feels a connection he can’t comprehend.

Distant relatives raised Nora Lowell after her parents died in a car wreck. She lives in a constant state of suspension as she waits to be joined by others like her. When Nora learns that the others are on their way, she feels like her life can finally begin.

Their paths were destined to meet; their lives were destined to be intertwined as those of their ancestors were. When they come together, mysteries are unraveled, prophecies are revealed and this group of misfits quickly discovers they are destined to save the world from the clutches of evil.

The Evolved is an intriguing novel that combines fantasy with mythology and theology in a fast-paced mix of romance and adventure. Five people are destined to meet. Their lives will intertwined like the lives of thier ancestors, and they’ll find out that they’re destined to save the world. Unfortunately things aren’t always that easy.

Thatcher is a runaway with quite a few secrets. Hadley and Whitley are twin daughters raised by an absent father. Kerr is a bookworm who can judge people’s character almost right away. Nora Lowell, our fifth member, was raised by relatives after her parents died. Each of them has a supernatural power and then they start to meet each other until all five of them are connected and ready to face their destiny.

The five of them are descendants of the Greek Gods (Old Immortals). That’s an interesting premise, and I was dying to know more. The characters are interesting too, but unfortunately with so many descendants it was hard to get to know all of them during the course of the book. I had the feeling I knew some better than others, and I hope that gets remedied in the next book.

The book was an enjoyable, fast-paced read, and if you enjoy YA fantasy with a hint of mythology, then I recommend this one.

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