Book Review: Madison’s Song by Christine Amsden

MadisonsSong_medTitle: Madison’s Song

Author: Christine Amsden

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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Her voice is enchanting; his soul is black…

Madison Carter has been terrified of Scott Lee since the night he saved her from an evil sorcerer – then melted into a man-eating monster before her eyes. The werewolf is a slave to the moon, but Madison’s nightmares are not.

Despite her fears, when Madison’s brother, Clinton, is bitten by a werewolf, she knows there is only one man who can help. A man who frightens her all the more because even in her nightmares, he also thrills her.

Together for the first time since that terrible night, Scott and Madison drive to Clinton’s home only to discover that he’s vanished. Frantic now, Madison must overcome her fears and uncover hidden strengths if she hopes to save him. And she’s not the only one fighting inner demons. Scott’s are literal, and they have him convinced that he will never deserve the woman he loves.

*Stand-alone companion to the Cassie Scot series

Madison’s Song is a stand-alone companion book to the Cassie Scot series, apparently a series about paranormal detective Cassie Scot. I’ve never read the series before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading Madison’s Song, but overall, the book was a fun surprise.

When Madison’s brother is bitten by a werewolf, she can only turn to one man for help. But this man, Scott Lee, scares her. He appears in her worst nightmares…yet at the same time, the thought of him thrillers her too, for reasons she can’t explain. But when she summons the courage to ask Scott for help, they discover her brother has vanished. And now it’s up to Scott and Madison to find her brother and save him from demons that are all too real.

As you can probably guess, Scott is a werewolf, and about as alpha as they can get. Madison is a music teacher, and she’s quite timid, especially at first. She did grow and became stronger throughout the book. The two of them make an interesting pair, especially with Madison being afraid of him at the start of the book.

Some of the topics are a bit darker, but overall, I enjoyed this book. It was filled with action, suspense and romance, and enough twists and turns to keep me guessing.



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