Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Mrs. John Doe


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for thriller / suspense “Mrs. John Doe”. The tour runs from September 30 to October 30.

Tour Schedule

September 30th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

October 1st: Author Interview and Book Excerpt @ Seattle Book Mama

October 6th: Book Excerpt @ Author C.A. Milson’s Blog

October 7th: Book Excerpt @ Dannie Speaks

October 10th: Book Review @ Back Porch Reservations

October 12th: Book Excerpt @ Teatime and Books

October 14th: Book Review @ The Bookreview

October 17th: Author Interview @ Vanessa’s Bookshelves

October 19th: Book Excerpt @ Books on Fire

October 20th: Book Review @ Stormy Night Reviewing

October 25th: Author Interview and Book Excerpt @ BooksChatter

October 27th: Book Review @ Book About

October 29th: Author Interview @ Plain Talk BM

About the Book

Mrs John Doe_SavageTitle: Mrs. John Doe

Author: Tom Savage

Genre: Thriller

In the adrenaline-laced new novel of suspense from Tom Savage—hailed by Michael Connelly as “a master of the high-speed thriller”—an American actress in Europe races to find the truth behind her husband’s mysterious accident. What she uncovers makes her the target of a shocking conspiracy.

Nora Baron’s life is perfect. She lives on Long Island Sound, teaches acting at a local university, and has a loving family. Then one phone call changes everything. She’s informed that her husband, Jeff, has died in a car crash while on a business trip in England. Nora flies to London to identify the body, which the police have listed as a “John Doe.” When she leaves the morgue, a man tries to steal her purse containing Jeff’s personal effects. Clearly, all is not as it seems.

At her hotel, Nora receives a cryptic message that leaves her with more questions than answers. She follows the message’s instructions to France, where a fatal encounter transforms her into a fugitive. Wanted for murder, on the run in a shadowy landscape of lies, secrets, and sudden violence, Mrs. “John Doe” must play the role of a lifetime to stay one step ahead of a ruthless enemy with deadly plans for her—and for the world.

Author Bio

Tom Savage is the author of six suspense novels: Precipice, Valentine, The Inheritance, ScavengerA Penny for the Hangman, and Mrs. John Doe. He wrote two detective novels under the name T. J. Phillips, Dance of the Mongoose and Woman in the Dark. His short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and anthologies edited by Lawrence Block, Harlan Coben, and Michael Connelly. His short story, “The Method In Her Madness,” was nominated for the Barry Award. His bestselling novel, Valentine, was made into a Warner Bros. film.  In his younger days he was a professional actor, and he also wrote a Broadway show, Musical Chairs.

Tom was born in New York and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. He attended Point Park College and Hofstra University, majoring in drama and minoring in English. After acting and writing plays, he worked for many years at Murder Ink®, the world’s first mystery bookstore. He’s a member of Actors Equity Association, ASCAP, the Authors Guild, Mystery Writers of America, the International Association of Crime Writers, and International Thriller Writers. He has served as a director on the national board of MWA, and he’s served several times on the Best Novel committees for MWA (Edgar® Awards) and IACW (Hammett Prize). He is a founding member of MWA’s Mentor Program, assessing and encouraging new mystery writers. He lives in New York City.




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Book Review: Regina Shen: Vigilance by Lance Elrick

25182782Title: Regina Shen: Vigilance
Author: Lance Elrick
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction / Dystopian
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Regina Shen is pursued by the notorious Department of Antiquities for her unique DNA. She jumps the Barrier Wall into the Federation to find her kidnapped sister. Stuck on a heavily-guarded closed university campus, she must use her wits to escape and rescue her sister without letting either of two rival Antiquities inspectors capture her.

I previously read and reviewed the first book in the series, Regina Shen: Resilience, and after reading it, I looked forward to starting the second book in the series. Regina Shen: Vigilance takes place two years after the events of the first book.

Mo-Mere believes Regina is ready to jump the Barrier Wall, and start looking for her sister. After two years of training, studying and honing her survival skills, now is the time for Regina and Colleen to be reunited and to find some answers. Except, well, what did you expect, things don’t go as planned. For Regina, she’ll have to remain vigilant and find out who she can trust and who she can’t – but the same counts for the other characters too. DeMarco is still after her, and will do whatever it takes to capture her. Regina’s quest to find her sister brings her to university, close to where they’re holding her sister – but will she able to find her and save her?

I thought this book was more thrilling even than the first, and I already enjoyed that one a lot. The ending was very surprising, and I actually had to re-read it; I hadn’t expected some of the plot twists.

I loved Regina in the first book, but I liked her even more in this one. She’s grown as a person, she’s more determined than ever, and she knows how to keep her head cool in dangerous situations.

The new characters were an excellent addition too, especially Ester. A solid sequel to the first book, and a great addition to the series. Can’t wait to read the final part.

Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Rise of the Sidenah


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for YA Fantasy “Rise of the Sidenah”. The tour runs from September 29 to October 29. Enjoy the tour!

Tour Schedule

September 29th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 30th: Book Excerpt @ The Book Daily

October 2nd: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

October 3rd: Book Excerpt @ Books on Fire

October 4th: Book Excerpt @ Bookworm for Kids

October 6th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

October 8th: Book Review and Author Interview @ Back Porch Reservations

October 10th: Book Excerpt @ Teatime and Books

October 12th: Guest Post @ Grape Fruit Books

October 14th: Book Excerpt @ Bookaholic Ramblings

October 15th: Guest Post @ Bedazzled Reading

October 17th: Book Excerpt @ Books and Tales

October 18th: Book Excerpt @ Hollow Readers

October 20th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ SolaFide Publishing

October 20th: Book Excerpt @ Rising Indies United

October 21st: Book Review @ History from a Woman’s Perspective

October 23rd: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

October 24th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

October 25th: Book Excerpt, Guest Post and Giveaway @ Crystal’s Chaotic Confessions

October 26th: Author Interview @ Avenue Books

October 28th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Literary Musings

October 29th: Book Review @ Illuminite Caliginosus

About the Book

riseofthesidenah_96Title: Rise of the Sidenah

Author: C.M. Story

Genre: YA Fantasy

Adrienna Vedica longs to build the creatures living in her imagination. One day, she hopes to sculpt them out of stone, creating great statues like those that guard the Celany village.

She doesn’t understand why everyone seems to disapprove.

It’s only when Tishaan, a powerful man in the high council, agrees to help her sculpt that Adrienna is finally able to pursue her passion. She dives into her work, but creates with such energy she collapses from exhaustion before seeing the final results, giving Tishaan time to hide her masterpieces away.

Her mentor, Sreng—the man she secretly loves—tries to convince her that Tishaan is using her, but she can’t abandon her art. Only when people start showing up dead does she think again. There’s something off about Tishaan…and then Sreng shows her one of her early works.

But something is wrong.

It’s alive. And it’s digging a grave.

Author Bio

C M StoryC.M. Story has always been a fan of fantasy in all its many forms, including the kind she frequently indulged in during boring lectures in school. She didn’t try her hand at penning her own stories, however, until long after she’d gotten her Bachelor’s degree in music.

Once she sold her first short story, she got a writing job and never looked back. Today she runs a successful freelance writing and editing business out of her home in Idaho, and frequently travels to other inspiring places with her trusty laptop in tow. And yes, despite rumors to the contrary, “Story” is her real last name.

“Rise of the Sidenah” was inspired by gothic architecture, a tune by “The Calling,” and the idea that following the heart may cause pain, but is the only way to truly fulfill one’s purpose in life.

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Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Dark Screams: Volume Five


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for paranormal fantasy / horror “Dark Screams: Volume Five”. The tour runs from September 29 to October 29.

Tour Schedule

September 29th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 29th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

September 30th: Book Review @ Mallory Heart Reviews

September 30th: Book Excerpt @Dark Treasury

October 2nd: Book Excerpt @ SolaFide Publishing

October 4th: Book Excerpt @ Compelling Beasts

October 5th: Book Excerpt @ Fallen Over Book Reviews

October 6th: Book Review @ Journey of a Bookseller

October 8th: Book Excerpt @ Teatime and Books

October 10th: Book Excerpt @ Mid-Western Horror Stories

October 12th: Book Review @ Emily Reads Everything

October 15th: Book Review and Book Excerpt @ Shotgun Logic

October 18th: Book Excerpt @ BooksChatter

October 20th: Book Review @ Kimber Leigh Writes

October 22nd: Book Excerpt @ Celtic Lady Reviews

October 22nd: Book Excerpt and Book Review @ Let’s Talk About Books

October 23rd: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

October 24th: Book Excerpt @ Crystal’s Chaotic Confessions

October 25th: Book Review @ Wag the Fox


About the Book

Dark Screams Vol 5Title: Dark Screams: Volume Five

Editors: Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar

Writers: J. Kenner, Bentley Little, and Mick Garris

Genre: Horror / Paranormal Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Mick Garris, J. Kenner, Kealan Patrick Burke, Del James, and Bentley Little pry open a sarcophagus of horror and dread in Dark Screams: Volume Five, from Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar of the esteemed Cemetery Dance Publications.

It was supposed to be the night of his life: a celebration of his one hit slasher flick. But the price of admission is higher than this has-been filmmaker ever could have imagined.

When he was seven, Will Underwood’s nanny told him she had the Sight. Years later, a broken heart sends him to New Orleans . . . but it’s fate that leads him to Madame Darkling’s Voodoo Emporium.

THE LAND OF SUNSHINE by Kealan Patrick Burke
Although she was mute long before the affair that nearly wrecked their marriage, her silence has tortured her husband ever since. Now he will seek out what he has lost—or be driven mad by remorse.

Arnold loves his ’68 Camaro almost as much as he loves his wife, and he’s willing to do anything to protect them both—especially after hearing strange noises coming from his garage.

THE PLAYHOUSE by Bentley Little
A real-estate agent is drawn into a children’s playhouse behind an abandoned property she’s trying to sell—and finds herself strangely reluctant to leave.




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Release Day Party Forget Me Not


About the Book

Cover Forget Me Not (1)Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Allison Whitmore

Genre: Historical Fiction

Theodora “Teddi” Donovan and Calvin Wynne have always hated each other. They didn’t have a choice after Teddi’s bootlegger father killed Calvin’s and left them both orphaned. The scandal has fueled gossip in quiet, quaint Brookhurst, New York, for over a decade. When a friendship develops between them as teenagers, they are ridiculed and shunned by the strict society that dictates life in their town. As they grow older, friendship turns into love, and Teddi and Calvin have to choose between their future and the scepter of their past. Spanning continents and decades, Forget Me Not is a coming-of-age story about truth, self-reliance, and the freeing power of love.

Author Bio

Allison3Allison Whitmore started her first novel, Forget Me Not, one icy morning in her dorm room in Southampton, NY. After many years of teaching high school English, she came back to the novel to rewrite it. Allison comes from a family who loves history and enjoyed immersing herself in the research that brought Teddi and Calvin’s world to life. She lives in her hometown, Los Angeles, California. You can find her on Twitter @alli_whitmore and her website:



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Book Review: Deadly Lullaby by Robert McClure

Deadly Lullaby_McClureTitle: Deadly Lullaby
Author: Robert McClure
Genre: Thriller / Suspense
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

For readers of Harlan Coben and Robert Crais, Robert McClure’s rollicking crime novel of family and felony takes readers on a relentless thrill ride through the L.A. underworld.
Fresh off a nine-year stint in San Quentin, career hitman Babe Crucci plans to finally go straight and enjoy all life has to offer—after he pulls one or two more jobs to shore up his retirement fund. More than anything, Babe is dead set on making up for lost time with his estranged son, Leo, who just so happens to be a rising star in the LAPD.

The road to reconciliation starts with tickets to a Dodgers game. But first, Leo needs a little help settling a beef over some gambling debts owed to a local mobster. This kind of thing is child’s play for Babe–until a sudden twist in the negotiations leads to a string of corpses and a titanic power shift in gangland politics. With the sins of his father piling up and dragging him down, Leo throws himself into the investigation of a young prostitute’s murder, a case that makes him some unlikely friends—and some brutally unpredictable enemies.

Caught up in a clash of crime lords, weaving past thugs with flamethrowers who expend lives like pocket change, Babe and Leo have one last chance to face the ghosts of their past—if they want to live long enough to see their future.

In Deadly Lullaby, a father and son have a lot of issues to go through before they can make amends. Babe Crucci has just been released from prison. He used to be a professional hitman, but now he just wants to make up with his estranged son, Leo. Unfortunately that doesn’t go as easily as he hoped, especially not since Leo is a LAPD detective and doesn’t want anything to do with his father’s past.

Leo isn’t all rainbows and sunshine either, though. He has some gambling debts, and his father decides to help him out. Unfortunately what should be child’s play turns into a nightmare, and Babe’s sins come back to haunt him. At the same time, Leo dives into the investigation of a protestitute’s murder, which ends up giving him some unlikely friends…and some horrible enemies.

I really felt for Babe and Leo. Their relationship was so strained, and it was easy to see why but I still hoped they could make it work somehow. I don’t usually enjoy thrillers that focus on gang-related crime and crime lords that much, but I did enjoy this book. The writing is excellent, and the family relationship offers an interesting angle.

I would recommend this to everyone who enjoyed a good thriller and doesn’t mind some violence.

Book Review: Love’s Tug of War by Pauline Parson

LovesTugOfWar-eBookCoverTitle: Love’s Tug of War

Author: Pauline Parson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon.

Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

At 41 Paula finds herself on her own in beautiful Arizona. She’s a talented comic artist – with a broken heart – a widower that has a chance to discover if she can make it as an cartoonist or fall flat on her face. Jeb Cotner accepts Paula as his new finish artist for his famous Honky Tonk Man comic strip. She has a chance of a lifetime to learn from the famous syndicated satirist. This job holds the opportunity that could lead to her own comic strip career. Yet, rumors fly that the 75-year-old artist is a cantankerous old man who has an eye for the “young girls”.

With grave doubts, she leaves her quiet life in New England and heads into “cowboy” country with her own comic character, Abby Press, at her side. Her world is turned upside down by two handsome brothers, neighbors of Jeb Cotner, who vie for her attention. Her sexual desires awaken, something so new to the young woman that it sends her to heights that she had long forgotten existed. She plays a dangerous game of “Tug of War” as her heart is torn between the two men.

Love’s Tug of War is the story of 41-year-old Paula, who is a talented comic art who gets the chance of a lifetime. She gets to work together with Jeb Cotner, a famous satirist who needs an artist for the Honky Tonk Man comic strip. Although a bit worried at first, Paula dives into the adventure, heading to “cowboy” country along with her own comic book character, Abby Press. But this adventure brings Paula more than she bargained for, as she meets two handsome brothers, neighbors of Jeb, and both of them stir desires within her that she thought long forgotten.

As the title suggests, the book focuses on a love triangle, but all characters are three-dimensional, and the triangle is actually interesting. Not like sometimes when it’s obvious the author has a favorite – here both options are explored. Paula is an amazing person, and I loved her comic book character, Abby Press even more. Witty, resourceful, clever and kind, both Paula and Abby are awesom.

I really thought Paula deserved a happy ending. The addition of a comic book artist in a cowboy country is a good twist, and unique for this genre – I certainly haven’t read a book with this plot, or this cast of characters (comic artists and cowboys) but it’s an interesting mix. Good writing too, and all in all, a very enjoyable contemporary romance novel.

Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Taxi Driver to Doctor


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for biography / inspirational “Taxi Driver to Doctor”. The tour runs from September 28 to November 2.

Tour Schedule

September 28th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 30th: Promo Post @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

October 2nd: Book Excerpt @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

October 4th: Guest Post @ Majanka’s Blog

October 6th: Promo Post @ Hollow Readers

October 8th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

October 10th: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

October 12th: Book Review @ Books are Forever

October 14th: Book Excerpt @ The Book Daily

October 18th: Guest Post @ Bedazzled Reading

October 22nd: Promo Post @ Bookaholic Ramblings

October 24th: Book Excerpt @ Books on Fire

October 28th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

October 30th: Promo Post @ 365 Days of Reading

November 2nd: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

About the Book

9781742845159_FrontTitle: Taxi Driver to Doctor

Author: Derek J. Ambrose

Genre: Biography / Inspirational

The journey of an ordinary person with learning constraints, disease affected rising to the top of personal and academic achievement, against considerable odds. A story of persistence, commitment and dedication.

Author Bio

The Author is one of Australia’s many achievers. His achievements in academia and social are to be admired considering the lowly start to life. He has achieved at the highest academic, business and social levels engaging with many diversities.






Book Tours: Starter Day Party Violence Begets…


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for YA LGBT fiction “Violence Begets…” The tour runs from September 28 to October 28. I’ll review the book on November 7. Stay tuned for the review and in the mean time, enjoy visiting the other tour stops.

Tour Schedule

September 28th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 28th: Book Excerpt @ Cinderella Stories

October 2nd: Guest Post @ Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

October 3rd: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

October 5th: Promo Post @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

October 9th: Guest Post @ Cinderella Stories

October 10th: Book Excerpt @ Books on Fire

October 12th: Promo Post @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

October 14th: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

October 19th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

October 20th: Book Review @ The Single Librarian

October 22nd: Promo Post @ The Book Gazette

October 27th: Guest Post and Giveaway @ Literary Musings

October 30th: Book Excerpt @ Howling Turtle

November 1st: Character Interview @  The Book Daily

November 3rd: Book Excerpt @ Zipper Rippers

November 5th: Promo Post @ The Reading Guru

November 7th: Book Review and Giveaway @ I Heart Reading

November 9th: Book Excerpt @ 365 Days of Reading

November 11th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

November 13th: Promo Post @ Books are Forever

November 15th: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

November 17th: Book Review @ Bookish Madness

November 20th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

November 21st: Book Review and Giveaway @ Bedazzled Reading

November 24th: Promo Post @ Bookaholic Ramblings

November 28th: Book Excerpt @ Hollow Readers

About the Book

VB_Cover_ONLYTitle: Violence Begets

Author: PT Denys

Genre: YA LGBT Fiction

After a tragic accident devastates his family, 16-year-old Rick St. James starts his junior year of high school without any friends in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. When he meets Kevin Vincent, he’s too distracted by the promise of new friends to see that Kevin has secrets of his own.

Having created an environment where he’s feared and admired by his classmates, Kevin finds pleasure in using his good looks and violence to control and manipulate those around him. Secretly, he cruises the gay club scene, turning tricks to earn money so he can party and get high.

As Rick’s dad becomes increasingly violent and abusive at home, the two form a surprising and volatile trust. In this battle of wills, their precarious friendship will either keep their lives from blowing up around them or possibly light the fuse that will cause the explosion.

Author Bio

102e192PT never imagined she’d actually publish a book. But, the story of Violence Begets… haunted her for over 20 years, and the lives of Kevin and Rick had to be shared.

In addition to writing a sequel, she divides her time between family, work, attending theater and reading.

Above all else she loves being a mother to 2 amazing daughters (a teenager and a baby).

PT believes that no one deserves to be intentionally hurt (physically or emotionally) by another. She also believes that behind nearly every bully is a story.



Facebook Page:

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Amazon: Violence Begets… – Kindle edition by PT Denys, Myra Shelley. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

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Amazon AU

Book Tours: Starter Day Party for The Five Warriors


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for YA Fantasy “The Five Warriors”. The tour runs from September 28 to October 28.

There’s a tour-wide giveaway for an eBook copy of “The Five Warriors” and 2 $15 Amazon gift cards. Scroll down to participate!

Tour Schedule

September 28th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 28th: Promo Post @ Stormy Nights Reviewing

October 1st: Promo Post @ Teatime and Books

October 2nd: Author Interview @ SolaFide Publishing

October 6th: Book Excerpt @ Books, Books & More Books

October 10th: Book Excerpt @ The Page Unbound

October 11th: Promo Post @ Books on Fire

October 15th: Book Excerpt @ Dark Treasury

October 20th: Book Excerpt @ Bookworm for Kids

October 21st: Book Excerpt @ Literary Musings

October 23rd: Character Interview @ Galley Wampus

October 25th: Book Excerpt @ Bedazzled by Books

October 26th: Promo Post @ PRATR

October 27th: Author Interview @ The Romantic World of Leigh Anderson

October 28th: Book Excerpt @ Illuminite Caliginosus

About the Book

TFW front cover 6Title: The Five Warriors

Author: Angela J. Ford

Genre: YA Fantasy

What if…
your best friend started a rebellion in the middle of a war?
your lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow?
your people were too cowardly to face a battle?
you stole an ancient power source?
you gambled with the fate of the world?
Join five powerful warriors each with a unique ability and magical weapons. Their quest is to discover where the transformed creatures are coming from and put a stop to it.
Along the way they run into treacherous immortals, sea monsters, powerful beasts of the air and talking animals.
Each has their own reasoning for joining the quest, but one carries a deadly secret which just might be the destruction of them all.

Author Bio

_Q7B3624Angela J. Ford is an imaginative and entertaining writer who creates stories of fanciful worlds that enable young adults to confidently believe in possibilities and overcome differences to be stronger together.

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, and raised in Alabaster, AL, she moved to Nashville, TN, where she currently resides, to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University.

Although her career has not been largely focused on creative writing, it has been an integral part of her lifestyle. Brought up as a bookworm and musician, she began writing The Four Worlds, a fantasy action, adventure series at the age of 12. The storyline of those books was largely based off of creative games she played with her sisters.

Originally finished when she was 16, after college, Angela began to re-write the Four Worlds Series, bringing it from a child’s daydream to an adventure young and old alike can enjoy. Inspired by fairy tales, high magic and epic fantasy, you’ll enjoy your adventures within the Four Worlds.

If you happen to be in Nashville, you’ll mostly likely find her at a local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously working on her next book. Make sure you say hello!



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