Book Tours: Starter Day Party for The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions


I’m hosting the starter day party for the book tour for sci-fi romance “The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions”. The tour runs from September 14 to September 28.

Tour Schedule

September 14th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 14th: Book Excerpt @ Author C.A. Milson’s Blog

September 15th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

September 16th: Book Excerpt @ Solafide Publishing Book Blog

September 17th: Author Interview @ Teatime and Books

September 19th: Book Excerpt @ Books Are Forever

September 21st: Author Interview @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

September 23rd: Promo Post @ Books on Fire

September 24th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

September 26th: Book Excerpt @ The Single Librarian

September 28th: Character Interview @ Compelling Beasts Blog

About the Book

midnightScorpion-510Title: The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions

Author: Thea Landen

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

A year has passed since Ro Bernard escaped from the Midnight Scorpions, a clandestine group of mercenaries that exists in the outside world as little more than myths and rumors. Though haunted by the reprehensible acts she committed and witnessed as a member of the organization, her primary focus is keeping a roof over her head and food on her plate. A chance encounter leads her to Karin Cassels, whose son died in the Scorpions’ underground laboratory. While sharing details about her son’s research, Ro reveals the most disturbing information she has on the group. Their leader, scientist Dane Zedek, has been integrating cybernetic parts with human soldiers in the hopes of building himself a lethal army that will help him achieve even greater political power.

The women hatch a plan to take down the Midnight Scorpions with two ultimate goals: kill Zedek, and rescue Callum, Ro’s lover who was the first of the scientist’s experimental hybrids. For additional assistance, Dr. Cassels directs Ro to Reggie Quinn, a drifter who is no stranger to odd jobs and risky situations. Reggie agrees to join the cause in exchange for a percentage of whatever they loot from the Scorpions’ base.

They embark on an adventure throughout three warring countries to assemble their team and gather the necessary materials for their schemes. Along the way, Ro tries to fight her growing attraction to Reggie, especially as reminders of her unhappy past keep resurfacing. Love and redemption wait for her at the end of her mission to defeat the Midnight Scorpions…assuming she makes it out alive.

Author Bio

Author Thea LandenThea Landen lives in New York with her husband and two children. A former educator, she strives to encourage creativity and passion in all those around her, and uses writing to help inspire. Though she reads and writes in nearly all genres, she has a special fondness for science fiction, fantasy, and adventure and anything that pushes the imagination beyond its usual limits. When she’s not writing, or thinking about writing, her hands and mind are occupied by either yarn crafts or role-playing games.

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