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About the Book

DefyingtheAlliance_BRossTitle: Defying the Alliance

Author: Bobbi Ross

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

One spitfire captain, one deliciously sexy alien warrior and one ship…to save the galaxy!

When Captain Caspia Jones docked her beloved ship the Razor at the Deep Proteus space station, she had only two things in mind- make the trade and avoid the Novokin Alliance at all cost.

Nowhere in her agenda did it say free the slaves, fight the Novokin Imperial guards or bring home a ferocious, smoldering hot alien dipped in delicious muscles and cooked to a golden perfection.

Captain Caspia Jones was once a proud member of an elite intergalactic peacekeeping force. Now she’s a fugitive. A runaway. A criminal.

The Novokin Alliance invaded her world killing everyone near and dear to her, enslaving her galaxy. In order to save her remaining crew from certain death, she has to delve deep into a life of crime. Will she choose to break her Protectorate Captain’s code? Go against everything she believes in? Everything she’s ever stood for?

Trex is the last Othmarvian on a blood mission and living a lie… that is until Captain Jones liberates him and his fellow slaves from the Novokins. From the instant he meets the indomitable Caspia he is completely captivated. Her courage and strength restores him to a warrior’s path of honor and redemption. But the souls of the dead call out to him. Will his heart choose this little captain over his duty to his people?

Defying the Alliance is on sale for $.99 until October 23rd reg. $2.99

Author Bio

I’ve always been a sci-fi girl. I remember running home from school to watch Robotech when I was little. Yeah I liked Roy and Rick (Rip), but I always thought Max was hot.

Fast forward to now and I have my own “Max”. When we’re not having out of this world -ahem-, I’m writing about it.

I love writing stories about strong women and the men who appreciate them. Especially when it gets them both into trouble. No damsels in distress here. I try to mix fun with epic, add in a little spice…Voila! A sexy salad you can really sink your teeth into!


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