Book Review A Right to Love

26181123Title: A Right to Love

Author: Mark Frew

Genre: Gay Fiction / Religious / Psychological

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

Book blurb: The story is about a non-religious man, called Michael, who is a teacher in a modern college. He meets a student, Polycarp, who is a refugee from Rwanda and who has lost all of his family. Michael decides to travel to Africa to find out if any of Polycarp’s family members are still alive. In the process, he meets a devout Muslim sub-Saharan African man, Ibrahim. Michael and Ibrahim fall in love and as their relationship develops, Michael and Ibrahim have to adjust to each other’s outlooks on life. Throughout the process, the interpretation of both the Bible and the Koran, and how homosexuality can be accepted within this framework are discussed.

In A Right to Love, Michael is a teacher in college, where he meets Polycarp, a refugee from Rwanda who lost his entire family. Michael travels to Africa to find out if any of Polycarp’s family memebers are still alive. While journeying through Africa, he meets a Muslim man, Ibrahim. The two of them fall in love, but their journey isn’t always easy. They both have a different religious background, and the religions have a different outlook on homosexuality.

This was an amazing read, heartwarming and eye-opening. I loved the different characters, especially Michael. The relationship is genuine and caring, and Michael and Ibrahim make an interesting, loving pair.

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