Book Review Peacemaking by Lance LoRusso

Final COver 2Title: Peacemaking

Author: Lance LoRusso

Genre: Christian fiction

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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“There are few things more dangerous for a cop than searching a building at night.” He was making his way forward with Pete at his back when he felt it. It was hard to describe, but it stopped him in his tracks, and his fingers and toes went cold.

Scotty Painter is the most respected member of his police department, having worked his way up from a street cop to deputy chief. After losing his wife, Christine, to cancer and giving his daughter away at her wedding, he now lives alone. His life as a cop is not easy, however, as he is haunted by the misery he has seen and the things he had to do to survive. One day, he finds himself sharing his deepest and most troubling thoughts with the only one who can truly understand his struggles and answer his questions. In a world far apart from his days filled with life and death decisions, Scotty comes face to face with his fears, his faith, and his destiny.

In Peacemaking, police officer Scotty has gone through some challenging times. His wife died of cancer, his daughter moved out, he’s a cop who regularly sees the darkest sides of humanity, and he’s haunted by the things he had to do to survive. Now, in his darkest hour, he shares his most troubling thoughts, and comes face to face with his fears.

The book is quite short, and a fast read. It doesn’t come across as preachy, but instead gives an honest insight in the life and troubles of a man, and investigates his relationship with God. Rather than based on plot, this book is based mostly on characterization. It was interesting to follow Scotty’s struggles, to be able to relate to him, and to discover how he found himself and his own destiny.

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