Book Review Corlex: Episode 1 – Titan and the Reaper by Jacob Ingalls & Ryan

51Bdjr2xaXLTitle: Corlex: Episode 1 – Titan and the Reaper

Author: Jacob Ingalls & Ryan

Genre: Sci-Fi

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

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The sound of the Solar Trains cry above as he hunts for his bounty, today a half-cyborg pirate, tomorrow a nano-bot infused scoundrel.
He is one of the few of his kind, he chases the Solar System’s worst villians alone, only equipped with his wits, and the fastest draw in the Galaxy.

Corlex is a bounty hunter out on a mission when he stumbles upon a Reaper, an assassin of sorts. Out here, he’s the only one capable of stopping her. In this fast-paced, short read that’s ideal for when you have some limited spare time but not too much, we learn more about Corlex and about the Reaper he captured.

The world-building is off to a good start, as is the story. The world of Corlex seems intriguing enough, and I wanted to know more. The story picked up fast, and while it does offer some closure, it entices readers to grab the next installment and read on.

The characterization wasn’t always perfect though, but since this is the first episode and the reader needs to be introduced to the characters, that’s a forgiveable and minor flaw.

An enjoyable, fast read recommended to sci-fi fans.

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