Cloak and Dagger Challenge 2016

I signed up for some new challenges in 2016 that I haven’t signed up for in 2015. One of these is the Cloak and Dagger challenge. For this challenge, you have to read a mystery / suspense or thriller book.
I’m going for the highest level, Special Agent, which means I have to read 31+ crime / thriller / suspense books. Considering this is one of my favorites genres, I doubt that will be a problem.
If you want to know more about the challenge, or you want to sign up, please go here.
I will keep track of my progress here and in the sidebar of my blog.

  1. Beside Myself by Ann Morgan
  2. Blood Gold Revenge by Dave Wright
  3. The Woman in Blue (Ruth Galloway #8) by Elly Griffiths
  4. After The Woods by Kim Savage
  5. Counterfeit Conspiracies by Ritter Ames
  6. Cold Blooded by Lisa Regan
  7. The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchel
  8. White Bones (Katie Maguire #1) by Graham Masterton
  9. Genesis by Matt K. Turner
  10. A Slaughter of Angels by Matthew Angelo
  11. Mercy Row Retribution by Harry Hallman
  12. The Girl in the Red Coat by Katie Hamer
  13. All That Remains (A Missing and Exploited #1) by Hannah Holborn
  14. Strange Lineup (A Missing and Exploited #2) by Hannah Holborn
  15. Abduction by Nicole Hatfield
  16. The Cabin by Natasha Preston
  17. The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards
  18. Murder in the Generative Kitchen by Meg Pontecorvo
  19. Pretty Wicked by Kelly Charron
  20. One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards
  21. Girl Within Girl by S.P. Aruna
  22. Girl Number One by Jane Holland
  23. In The Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold
  24. The Killing Game by The Black Rose
  25. The Missing by Monty Marsden
  26. Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple by Lisa Pell
  27. Optimal Exposure by Dan Rogel
  28. The Operator by Kim Harrison

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