Horror Reading Challenge 2016


I participated in the horror reading challenge last year, and ended up reading way more horror books than I had to for the challenge. But I love horror, so I want to participate in the challenge again. Like last year, I’m aiming for the highest level, “Horror Hounds”, which means, reading 16+ horror books.

The challenge is now hosted by Cornerfolds and Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My!. If you want to sign up for it, please go here. And don’t forget to tell me you signed up so I can follow your progress.

By the way, this challenge has some gorgeous banners this year. I hope to earn them all!

I will keep this page updated with all the horror books I read for this challenge.

  1. The Incurables by Jon Bassoff
  2. The Torment of Rachel Ames by Jeff Gunhus
  3. Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics
  4. Asylum by Madeleine Roux
  5. The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco
  6. Sanctum (Asylum #2) by Madeleine Roux
  7. Catacombs (Asylum #3) by Madeleine Roux
  8. Elysium Dreams by Hadena James
  9. The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell
  10. White Bones (Katie Maguire #1) by Graham Masterton
  11. Tales of the Possessed by C. Torrington
  12. The Fall by Bethany Griffin
  13. Grimalkin Manor by Sherry Roit
  14. The Mistletoe Bride and Other Haunting Tales by Kate Mosse
  15. Gethsemane Hall by David Annandale
  16. The Leaping by Tom Fletcher
  17. Black Water Tales: The Unwanted by Jean Nicole Rivers
  18. Darkview: Psychosis by R.J. Bathgate & M.J. Hall
  19. Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole
  20. Something Wicked by Debi Chestnut
  21. The Night Parade by Ronald Malfi
  22. Passing The Torch by L.L. Sanders
  23. Little Killers A to Z by Howard Odentz
  24. Pay The Ghost by Tim Lebbon
  25. Revenge of the Wolf Two by Skyler Patterson
  26. Cinnamon Tea by Charles Campbell
  27. The Cabin by Natasha Preston
  28. Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash
  29. Pretty Wicked by Kelly Charron


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