New Year’s Resolutions 2016


Each year, I come up with some brand new goals, and this year is no different. I didn’t do too bad on my goals for last year, but I didn’t do amazing either. I did manage to read about 250 books, so not too savvy.

Here are my goals for 2016:

  • Finish the reading challenges I signed up for. Last year, I successfully finished the five challenges I signed up for (after drastically limiting the number of challenges from the year before, when I signed up for about 20…oops). This year, I’m taking on a slightly higher number, seven.
  • Add covers of the books I received for review on my Facebook page. Also, keep track of the books I reviewed on Facebook. I didn’t do this last year, although I had it on my goals list.
  • Put the latest reviews in the sidebar of my blog. I’ll add the covers and then have them link to the review. Last year, I did this for about two months before I gave up, but it was a good way to show the latest books I reviewed, so I want to start doing it again.
  • Set up more original posts. This could be discussion posts, tutorials, tricks, anything.  I haven’t written any of those in forever, and they’re so much fun.
  • Update the review index. I think I last updated it around August 2014 or something, so not all my reviews are up there.
  • Keep more in touch with the book blogging community. Another goal from last year. I did quite well…for about a month. Then I stopped doing this again, although I have no clue why. Interacting with others is so much more fun than feeling like you’re shouting nonsense into cyberspace.
  • Use the mailing list, send out weekly email. I want to work on expanding and updating my mailing list, and sending out a weekly recap email, probably on Monday.
  • Participate in more memes. I started out great last year, but lost track halfway through the year. I want to participate in It’s Monday, what are you reading?, Teaser Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, and maybe more memes if I find some that interest me.
  • Read over 200 books. I read 300 in 2014 and 250 in 2015, but I don’t want to push myself, and frankly, I think 200 is more than enough for next year.



  1. I keep putting off updating all of my review lists. I don’t know why I don’t do it right away when I review a book. These all seem like very manageable goals too 🙂

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