Book Review: Confessions of a Punk Rocker

ConfessionsOfAPunkRocker-ByNessieStrange-800x1200Title: Confessions of a Punk Rocker

Author: Nessie Strange

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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The dead should stay dead…

Jack Norris has just lost his best friend—who also happened to be his band’s drummer—to a drunk driving accident. As he struggles to deal with the band’s uncertain future and his own personal demons, those issues soon become unimportant. His dead friend has come back. And he’s not showing any signs of going away. Questioning his own sanity, Jack finds his life spiraling out of control. But when a new acquaintance not only hooks him up with a drummer, but promises to help get rid of his ghostly stalker, Jack’s life does a one-eighty.

Drew MacLellan, the new drummer, is more than just a new set of sticks—he’s the brother of the insanely hot Jen MacLellan, who’s definitely not Jack’s biggest fan. Jen is nothing like the women Jack’s dated in the past, but the more he gets to know her, the deeper he falls. The only problem is she’s got a boyfriend. Caught between his growing attraction and the desire to do the right thing, Jack does everything he can to keep his distance. But the more he sees of her, the more he realizes he can’t. He’s determined to win Jen’s heart, if only he can figure out how to help his dead friend rest in peace…permanently.

In Confessions of a Punk Rocker, Jack Norris just lost his best friend, his band’s drummer, to a drunk driving accident. This renders the band’s future uncertain, and his own demons start to haunt him as well. In particular in the shape of his dead friend who has come back to haunt him, and shows no signs of going away. But when he finds a new drummer, Drew MacLellan, who promises him he’ll help get rid of Jack’s ghostly stalker, his life takes a turn around. Drew’s sister Jen, isn’t available, and she’s very different from the women Jack used to date. Yet she pushes his buttons in all the right ways, and he grows determined to win her heart.

The story is told from Jack’s POV. Jack was a great character with a strong voice, and as the story progressed and the reader learned more about him, it grew difficult not to like him and feel sympathetic toward him. I preferred Jen, actually – responsible, independent, capable of handling her own. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like Jack, but I had to warm up to him, while I liked Jen right away.

The author did a great job of making the characters feel like actual, living, breathing people, in particular Jack and Jen, but also all the secondary characters. The world-building was interesting too, and the world of the dead, the paranormal, ghosts and hauntings, was well-crafted and just seemed to work. The supernatural element added a whole new layer to the book. The writing was good too, and overall, I would recommend this book to any fans of paranormal romance, in particular involving supernatural books involving ghosts.


  1. This sounds interesting and I love your review! Sometimes the supernatural can be hard but glad it worked here!

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