Book Review: Time on her Hands

mj-tl-timeonherhandsTitle: Time on Her Hands
Author: Melissa Jarvis
Genre: Historical Time Travel Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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A race against time, to save the world.

Derek Massey is the enigmatic head of the time travel agency The Lineage.  He makes the difficult choices, ones that have isolated him from everyone. Sarah James is an experienced Lineage agent, the one others look to for help. She hides her secrets and past well. Only one man has ever caused her to lose her temper.

But when the timeline is betrayed, Sarah will have to work with Derek to solve the biggest anomaly of all, one that threatens to destroy not just the Lineage, but the world itself.  Their journey will take them to the last days of Pompeii and to Renaissance Italy, to a familiar traitor and a pocket watch that could be the key to everything. Sarah and Derek also discover each other’s vulnerabilities, behind the confident agent and the inscrutable leader. Danger ignites the passion between them.

When the truth is finally revealed, both Sarah and Derek’s secrets, about their past, their families and their own feelings will come to light.  Each has to make a terrible decision.  Can a new love stand against years of duty?  Or will one of them choose the ultimate sacrifice?   Only time will tell.

What I particularly enjoyed about Time on her Hands was the time travel agency, The Lineage, and how it’s involved with everything. Derek Massey is the head of The Lineage, but having to make the tough choices has isolated him from everyone. Sarah James is an experienced Lineage agent, but quite secretive.

When the timeline is betrayed, Sarah and Derek have to solve an anomaly that threatens to destroy the world. As they fight to save the world, Sarah and Derek grow closer together, but when they’re forced to make a terrible decision, they’ll have to decide between love and duty.

I really liked Sarah. Although she hid a lot of secrets from Derek, especially at first, I felt like it was easier to connect with her than Derek. She was capable, intelligent, independent and knew how to handle tough situations. Derek did too, so they were actually quite similar. After a while, when you got ot know their vulnerabilities, they become more and more interesting, kind of like friends you’re just getting to know.

The writing was good, and I really loved the plot. It was fast-paced, and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

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