Book Review: The Resistance: Leprechaun by Kristyn Stone

COverrl2Title: The Resistance: Leprechaun
Author: Kristyn Stone
Genre: Young Adult
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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When most teenagers turn sixteen they receive a car or a watch from their family but one Florida teen learns a family secret.
Garritt wakes on his sixteenth birthday to find himself as a leprechaun. Garritt must go live with family in Ireland to learn what it means to be a leprechaun. While in Ireland, he makes new friends but an evil plot against the leprechauns is revealed, sadly only Garritt and his friends can stop it.

Being a teenager is hard but being a teenage leprechaun is even harder.

First book I’ve ever read about leprechauns, and I hope to read many more. Garritt wakes up on his sixteenth birthday and finds out he’s a leprechaun. Now he has to live with his family in Ireland. There, he makes a bunch of new friends, an evil plot is revealed, and only Garritt and his friends can stop it.

With the typical whimsicalness you expect in a middle grade book, this was an amazing, fun read. It was a quick read too, and I finished it in one sitting.


  1. I don’t know if I have ever seen a book with leprechauns as the otherworld species featured. I will have to check it out. ūüôā

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