Book Review: Trace by Letitia L. Moffitt

Trace-01Title: Trace

Author: Letitia L. Moffitt

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Rating: 4 stars

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She knows what happens when you die.
Nola Lantry is a tracist: she can sense the particles of energy that are released when the human body expires. It’s a somewhat gruesome ability, but Nola uses it to bring some meaning to her otherwise drab life in upstate New York by assisting the Redfort Police Department on missing person cases. When the richest man in town, Culver Bryant, disappears, Nola finds herself in the middle of a case that is both baffling and increasingly dangerous, the danger appearing in the form of death threats as well as the missing man’s brother, Grayson. Does Grayson Bryant pursue Nola to seduce her or to stop her—and why does Nola feel a connection with him despite her mistrust?

Trace is an enjoyable, entertaining novel about Nola Lantry, a tracist. Tracists sense particles of energy released when a person dies – a rather gruesome ability, but it does come in handy for the police force. Nola often assists the Redfort Police Department on missing person cases by helping locate the body. The disappearance of Culver Bryant, one of the richest men in town, is Nola’s first high profile case.

Culver Bryant’s disappearance comes with a list of plausible suspects: his mysterious half-brother who shows more than a little interest in Nola, his girlfriend, his wife, his business partner, … One of them is involved in Culver’s disappearance, and may now be targeting Nola too.

I love a good crime novel, and when the paranormal is mixed in, then I’m all game. Tracists are great – it’s an unique ability, and original as I had never read about it before. It adds an interesting perspective to the crime element. The pacing is fast, the characters are three-dimensional, and feel realistic, in particular Nola.

A compelling paranormal myster, fast-paced and with a few unexpected twists.


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