Book Review and Giveaway Waiting For You

2ndkindlecoverTitle: Waiting for You
Author: Allison Williford
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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This day would always be burned into her memory, an ugly brand leaving its scar. 

Losing a loved one to death will always leave a gaping hole in our hearts — something 23-year-old Kylie Lewis knows all too well. But do we allow it to destroy us, leaving us terrified of ever loving again? Or do we force ourselves to pick up the pieces of our shattered hearts and continue with our lives?

Kylie’s quiet, rote life — working as a columnist at the Charleston Herald, hanging out with her best friend, Cat, and downtime with her mother — is soon turned upside down. Cat drags her to a concert, where she meets Adam Bell, an aspiring musician with a history of his own loss. Shortly after, her mother receives a devastating diagnosis of terminal breast cancer.

Stricken with the fear of her inevitable loss, Kylie struggles with her budding relationship with Adam. But with the help of Adam’s empathy, can she learn to grieve her mother without shutting out the world, as she once did after her father’s death? Can she learn to love in spite of her losses?

Waiting for You is a story of loss, grief, and love.

In Waiting For You, 23-year-old Kylie Lewis knows how painful it is to lose a loved one. She’s terrified of loving someone ever again, but at the same time, part of her wants to move on with her life. Life consists of working as a columnist, hanging out with her BFF and spending time with her mother. But when her best friend Cat drags her along to a concert, she meets Adam Bell.

Adam is an aspiring musician, and he too has known loss. Kylie and Adam start hanging out more, and a budding relationship blossoms between them. But when Kylie’s mother receives a devastating diagnosis, Kylie’s world comes crashing down all around her. After already losing one loved one, can she stand to lose another? And can she trust Adam enough to help her through the darkness ahead?

This novel brought me to the verge of tears more than once. The author does a phenomenal job of establishing the characters, their roles and relationships. I especially liked Kylie, and Adam. Adam is sweet and caring, and having lost my father too, it was easy for me to relate to Kylie and truly feel her pain.

I also enjoyed the writing. It starts off quite slow, and although there’s an instant attraction between Adam and Kylie, their relationship takes a while to grow, and I really enjoyed that. I much prefer slow romance rather than insta-love, so this was my kind of read.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a book that will make you smile and cry at practically the same time, and who enjoys a decent women’s fiction novel.


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