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HENandCHICKcoverPlease wlecome Tristan Tarwater to my blog today, who is sharing a guest post about writing series and serials.

Guest Post: Serials

In my neverending quest to try new things and also make things hard for myself, I decided to release HEN & CHICK: The Marauders’ Island as a serial online. For about a year, I released one episode/chapter a month for an exclusive audience, first through Patreon and then through Gumroad Memberships.

I am a big fan of mini-series, Netflix and shows on E4 like Humans, The Aliens, Peaky Blinders, which have shorter seasons but definite story arcs and endings within a much bigger narrative. While the story of our mage Azria is ongoing and there is still much of the world of Mun for her to explore, I definitely wanted to have definite endings to larger plot lines. Having definite end points and goals gave me something to write towards, which kept the plot moving. With a quick turnaround of a month, knowing what it all lead to helped me trim the fat and kept me focused. Planning larger arcs with the end goal of a trilogy helped remind me to drop hints to keep Azria barreling towards the problems and adventures of the next two books. I wanted to serialize a story for several reasons, but the process of writing and finishing a concise but compelling episode really helped me shake off and hone some of my habits as a writer.

Some writers have daily goals for getting their prose wordcount in; I used to try to adhere to this, at 1,000 words a day but would beat myself up when I didn’t hit it. Writing and editing an episode a month was a decent sized goal that incorporated a lot of the different things writers have to do: not only writing but editing, writing promo for it (can’t just dump it in the inbox! You have to write a little something something for your wonderful readers!), writing a bit of a blurb, doing promotion for it. It left me time to work on other projects as well. Sometimes I would write short stories about the other characters in the book or work on different projects entirely. Having an episode done in a month was a small but mighty accomplishment which kept me working towards more!

In HEN & CHICK: The Marauders’ Island, Azria’s first quest in finding a long lost treasure is completed. In her second adventure she faces more challenges, more dangerous and more personal than before. Azria has learned a lot as a mage and a crew member of the ship, The Hen & Chick and I’ve learned quite a bit as a writer! Are we both up to the challenges facing us? I guess we’ll find out one month at a time!

About the Book

Azria, a mage of Miz, is the key to revealing a long lost treasure trove: at least that’s what her mother, alleged pirate Captain Apzana says. Generations ago, THE MARAUDERS’ ISLAND was sunk by the greatest mage in Mizian history, Iyzani, as an act of war and revenge. If Azria can undo the magic of powerful mages who came before her, a vast treasure will be theirs for the taking. But more mysteries than riches surface as Azria approaches a part of Miz’ history meant to remain drowned by the waves. Those who would stop her warn her: reveal the past and destroy the lives of mages forever. Azria must decide if she will be the daughter her mother needs or protect her homeland’s secret.
HEN & CHICK: The Marauders’ Island is a swashbuckling fantasy story, where a wizard of immense talent and legacy must find her own place in the World of Mun. The power to control the elements is trumped by long grudges, old lies, and personal desires. Magic is for the bold, and surviving the ambitions of the powerful isn’t for the feint of heart.
A fantasy tale laced with magic, salt and coconut wine! 

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