Guest Post The Image Yoga: Holistic Guide to a Flawless Self-Image

Please welcome author Libelle Royce to my blog, who talks about beauty today.

Guest Post: Beauty – A myth, a perception or is beauty the beast?

“He fell into despair and lost all hope…for who could learn how to love a beast ~ The Beauty and the Beast”

I remember reading the very popular fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve “The Beauty and the Beast! It is a classic tale describing how we make most of our choices based on visual appeal rather than instinctive wisdom. Even though the beast turned into a handsome prince in the end, still if it were to me I wouldn’t have ended it the same way. I wouldn’t have catered to the mass appeal by beautifying my protagonist just to sell it. That’s the upside, commercialization is extracting in today’s world too. They make people think that anyone can look beautiful rather than assuring them that they already are!

The highest form of service is to uplift someone’s state of mind”

So many philosophers have defined their own versions of beauty and I admire each one of them for braving against the norms. I really hope, bit by bit we all resolve to change the definition of physical beauty which I feel is the greatest curse to the mankind and banish body shaming that is spreading like an epidemic. Especially the most vulnerable and impressionable of all, acutely affected by this are young children who witness this prejudice every single day and lose their self-esteem to the ruling pseudo mandates of the society.

Here is my definition of beauty that is truly heartfelt and hope it changes at least one opinion out there…

Beauty is in the unbiased adoptive nature of darkness that makes everything obscure and incomprehensible. Beast is in the discriminating nature of light that illuminates everything only to be judged later. Beauty (light) is the beast; Beast (dark) is the beauty!”

Beauty is in the ‘Acceptance’ and beast is in the ‘Prejudice’! I sincerely wish that the generations to come learn more about appreciating each other and unconditionally accepting their nascent selves rather than becoming a hollow versions of the ones propagating this morbid prejudice on the first place!

Best Wishes,

Libelle Royce

About the Book

imageyogaTitle: The Image Yoga: Holistic Guide to a Flawless Self-Image

Author: Libelle Royce

Genre: Personal Development and Self-Help

 Do you know your Soul color or your dominant Chakra? Do you know your body type well enough to be mindful of this knowledge while shopping for clothes? Do you know that to heal your personal image, you first need to heal that closet of yours? Have you ever wondered that there is a certain pattern in everyone’s clothing style and fashion propensities that is closely centred around various fashion archetypes. Do you know your fashion totem, a constant reminder of your true nature that has the power to shift your mood instantly for better well-being? To know all these answers get hold this personal grooming and style development handbook. The Image Yoga is an earnest attempt to help the reader find their true inner self and make wiser fashion choices. It is really unfortunate when most of the women simply follow what is in trend without knowing whether or not it resonates with their inner persona, image, character or fashion archetype. This book marks the journey of your Image transformation with the help of five basic Image boosting techniques listed as Image Asanas, a unique (never been written before) and holistic approach, that would not only help you look good but most importantly make you feel good as well. The book uses guided visualization technique which is an ancient yogic tool that helps the yogi bring their inner most aspirations and essence to the surface from the sub-conscious with astonishing answers, they never knew existed within themselves.

Author Bio

imageyogaauthorLibelle Royce (pseudonym for Deepti Prashanth), is an Image Consultant and Wellness Coach by profession living in New Delhi, India. She aspires to help women of varying age groups boost their self-image and self-confidence with her words. She loves writing about spirituality and motivational Zen philosophies. She is an active blogger who is married and has a son. She loves travelling and is a huge fan of Deepak Chopra’s writing.






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