Book Review: The Twilight Tsunami by Shelby Londyn-Heath

30657831Title: The Twilight Tsunami
Author: Shelby Londyn-Heath
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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Grey is a hard-hitting foster care social worker who removes babies and children from dangerous drugged parents, violent homes, and families joined with criminal gangs.  He is unstoppable until a new social worker enters his department.  She is hungry for power and position, as she challenges Grey in malevolent and unexpected ways. As Grey yanks newborns from mothers, confronts irate parents, and lives through suicides of foster children aging out of the system, nothing stops him until he meets his nemesis, a truly power-hungry woman.

As Grey struggles to maintain his position at work, his ambitious co-worker strategizes to bring his career to an end. She plans her take-down in a stealthy, behind-the-back manner, as Grey wakes daily to the grind of child removals during his job as a Child Protective Services social worker. After he is attacked by an addicted, brutal father during a child removal, Grey becomes unruly to his supervisor, co-workers, and his clients while his enemy at work steps back and watches him unravel.

She delivers the final crush in an unexpected, malevolent manner. Grey teeters, no longer able to hold himself together, no longer able to perform on the job. He takes the next move, the last thing left for him to do to avoid a final melt-down, a final smear of his old self on a sheet of fly paper.

In The Twilight Tsunami, Grey is a social worker determined to help children, and remove them from dangerous situations in their homes. He is unstoppable, and lives for his job. But then a new social worker shows up, hungry for power and position, and she challenges Grey, and everything he stands for. At the same time, he’s slowly unraveling, falling apart. The stress is too much, and he behaves unruly toward his co-workers, crossing the line more than once.

A lot of the focus is on the social work cases, and Grey’s job is, admittingly, very hard. Taking babies away from their cocaine-addicted mothers. Getting puched in the face when trying to take a boy away form his abusive father. Then there’s also the storyline of the co-worker threat, and of Grey’s fall into despair and his struggle to hold onto who he is as he’s slowly losing himself.

The book packs a lot of different topics, but delivers them well. The writing is fast-paced and easy to follow, making it a quick read, the kind of book you can read in one sitting. There’s also some romance, and a lot of suspense.

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