Book Review and GIveaway War Town

wartowncover-finalTitle: War Town

Author: Mitch Goth

Genre: New Adult Thriller

Age Group: New Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

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For Olly Rourke, War Town’s opening day is a joyous occasion. He is one of a thousand people selected to be the first players in the world’s largest paintball arena. But as he soon finds out, the game he enters into is far more sinister. Two equal teams, locked in the massive arena together, and presented with an armory of real ammunition and a time bomb powerful enough to kill them all. The only way out is to eliminate the other team, by any means necessary.

War Town reminded me of the Hunger Games, as in it’s about a bunch of youngsters who are participating in a game in an arena. It’s supposed to be paintball, but it’s not – it’s far more sinister. There’s real ammunition, and even a time out. Contrary to the Hunger Games, this game is played in teams, though, so instead of a sole survivor, you get one winning team. The goal, naturally, is to eliminate the oppossing team.

Despite having some similarities to the Hunger Games, this book is a very different beast. The story quickly progresses into something different altogether, and the characters stand out, especially Olly. The writing flows well, and the reader is immediately sucked into the story, which has quite a few original twists and turns.

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